Involve Asia How To Join Watsons Affiliate Program

How To Join Watsons Affiliate Program

Watsons is the go-to drug store in Malaysia. Watsons sells over 5000 brands on health and beauty products under their wings. Their physical stores are sprouting like mushrooms across South East Asia. They are also becoming prominent online, with an online shopping website and app to offer online choices to their customers.

If you have a web property (eg: website, blog or social media account) with a mass audience, you can earn Affiliate income by promoting Watsons’ products to your audience.

Here’s how to apply as an Affiliate Marketer for Watsons Malaysia. We broke it down into 2 simple steps.

Step 1: Apply for Watsons Malaysia Affiliate Program

Once your Publisher account is approved by Involve Asia, you can apply for Watsons Malaysia Affiliate Program. Here’s how you do it:

1. On your Dashboard, click Partner on the top left menu.
2. From the drop-down, select Advertiser Directory.


3. Type in Watsons in the search bar and make sure Malaysia is in the Country Search bar. Next click Watsons Malaysia.

4. A detailed description of Watsons Malaysia’s Affiliate Program will appear. In this pop-up, you can see brief details of the offer. Once you understand the offer, you can click Apply to request for approval.


5. A Request Approval pop-up will appear. You’ll need to answer these 4 questions. After that, click Save.


Step 2: Sit back and relax

1. Once submitted, our system will receive your application. Application submitted successfully should appear under the pop up.
2. Once approved, you can start generating affiliate links and start promoting!

Not currently a Publisher in Malaysia? No worries! Watsons is now live in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.
Come on board with us today.


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