How Wendy Earns Extra Money By Sharing Promo Codes Online

It has been tough for most of us to support ourselves financially during the COVID-19 pandemic. How to earn money while being stuck at home? With the internet, anything is possible. Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways you can earn money online as people are frequently shopping online.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products online via a special link. If someone clicks through your link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a sale commission. 

Founder of MY Great Sales, Wendy earns side income by promoting Offers from Involve Asia during these tough times.

How Wendy Got Started with Promo Codes 

Wendy discovered posts on her Facebook timeline which shows people sharing promo codes in their posts. They mentioned that they will earn affiliate commissions from successful sales. So she decided to share promo codes just like them. 

With the help of the Internet, she learned from scratch by herself in setting up her website and Facebook page, MY Great Sales. Knowing that a lot of people are actively shopping online, she started off with freebies and sales.

During the pandemic, she found that a lot of her followers are finding promo codes. So she decided to focus on sharing promo codes in her posts. Here’s how her Facebook page looks like:

As Wendy’s Facebook page collects more data about her audience, she noticed that people who visit her page are an equal split between male & female that are aged between 18 – 40 years old. They prefer to purchase groceries, fashion and electronics.

Giving the Audience What They Want

Since Wendy’s audience love promo codes for trending products, Wendy checks Offers from Lazada, Shopee and Zalora which are refreshed every midnight. She compiles all the fresh promotions from the Advertisers and shares them on her Facebook page. She creates and schedules these promo codes, daily.

Here’s what her Facebook posts look like:

One of MY Great Sales Facebook post

Wendy figured out a Facebook post formula that always gets clicks. Here’s the breakdown, the post must be: 

  • Short and concise copy about the Offers
  • Highlight discounts and promo details in bold
  • Screenshots of the shopping cart which shows the pricing after using promo code
  • Include Involve link that directs them to the landing page

Expanding MY Great Sales’ Website Reach with Facebook Ads

In Wendy’s view, her followers are more active on Facebook because they want direct access in getting the promo codes. “They prefer to browse for the latest updates on Facebook,” she mentions.

She realized that her followers and clicks growth is pretty slow organically. With a little research, she decided to pay for Facebook Ads to:

  • reach out to more people out of her network
  • increase reach and therefore engagement a lot faster through ads compared to organic growth

At the end, she finds paying for ads totally worth the money…

For special campaigns such as contests and giveaways, she will post them on the website, as can be seen below:

She looks at three metrics in the monthly performance report for Offers performance, specifically Shopee, Lazada and Zalora – earnings, performance and conversions. 

These stats help her to understand her followers’ preferences in buying the products that she featured on the Facebook page and website.

Every month, she gets about 900 conversions from promoting Offers from Shopee, Lazada and Zalora.

Having a Supportive Friend Helps

Wendy learned about Involve Asia through a recommendation from fellow Involve Asia Publisher, Freebies Land Malaysia. She also found out more about Involve Asia after our name appeared on Google when typing “earning income through Affiliate Marketing.”

Coming from the online shopping category, they notify each other of what they are promoting once in two to three days. She says, “We share updates on what we do and promo codes that are worth sharing with our followers.”

Their approach to writing and promoting Offers is different based on the target audience and products. Still, they keep in touch to learn about the ongoing trends in Affiliate Marketing, e-commerce and online shopping.

“We are not competitors,” she points out. “We support each other for what we do.”

Involve Asia Makes Earning Through Affiliate Marketing Easier

With Involve Asia, Wendy finds it user-friendly and convenient to browse and search for Offers in the dashboard. She mentioned that the filters provide her options to choose from so she can promote suitable Offers for her followers.

Various Offers to select on “Brands to Promote” page

Wendy’s Affiliate Marketing performed well so she has a dedicated account manager, Jason Tan, who frequently provides the latest information about Offers and weekly product reviews to her. 

While she finds Offers from Shopee and Lazada, Jason keeps her updated about Zalora promo codes. She also learns about the referral links from him. “He will quickly respond to my questions,” she adds. “He is responsible and easy to work with.”

Wendy’s Advice to New Publishers Starting Out

Wendy encourages people not to be afraid of doing Affiliate Marketing. It is similar to how we shop and recommend products to our close friends and family. “It doesn’t need a lot of money to set up your page and create affiliate links,” she says, “You can create posts on the Facebook page without having a website.”

Actively post the latest Offers on MY Great Sales Facebook Page

The most important thing is that it takes time to create affiliate links and feature them in the posts. She suggests doing research and figuring out how to build your followers. For example, she did sample giveaways and contests and promoted them on Facebook. Gaining lots of followers and reach will contribute to getting high conversions.

There you have it. As Wendy said, it takes time to see consistent results of the content’s reach and earning income.

Wondering why buying ads helps and how to buy ads? Read more in our article where we break down the reasons ads help in promoting products.

Now you understand Wendy’s strategy in promoting Offers on her Facebook page and website, time to log in to your Involve Asia dashboard and find relevant Offers and products to promote.

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