Weng Honn: Educating People on How to Earn Money Online

Fitness coach turned online marketing guru, Weng Honn runs his YouTube channel (165K subscribers) & Facebook page (2K followers) and gives webinars on how people make money online with platforms such as Shopee, Lazada and Involve Asia. He manages his own Facebook group, Kaki-kaki Shopee (11K members).

We had a chat with him about how he provides tips and tricks on making money online to his followers.

What Does He Do On His YouTube Channel

Weng Honn creates and uploads videos with his intention – showing people how to make money online in the long run.

He covers the following topics to garner traffic and generate more money for his YouTube channel:

  • E-commerce websites such as Lazada and Shopee
  • Current economic trends in Malaysia such as interest and bantuan kewangan
  • Mobile apps
  • Facebook ad strategy

Uses ‘How To’ Guides to Generate Traffic

Weng Honn’s YouTube videos consist of crash courses by splitting his topics into parts that are straightforward and not too detailed.

He takes most of his time to research topics before he starts writing the script, doing recordings and editing them.

Most of his ideas come from his experience in using Shopee and questions from Kaki-kaki Shopee.

“Members post questions in that Facebook group so that I can understand their problems and challenges they face,” he adds. “As a Shopee seller, I know well about the trends in online shopping’.

He receives emails which include some of the most basic questions they asked. Not many people knew how to register with Shopee, how to become a seller on Shopee and how to encourage customers to make purchases that bring in conversions.

He also looks at other YouTube channels, Google trends and blogs that talk about making money online and Affiliate Marketing.

Most of his videos are spoken in Malay after he observed how people search for videos related to making money online. “In terms of what to look for, having English videos is too crowded,” he mentions. “For Mandarin, most people from Taiwan search for these videos.”

Even though it limits his audience, specifically Malaysian and Indonesian, he considers this is a good strategy to reach out to his niche audience.

“If I get 1% of the Malaysian population to watch my videos, then I consider this to be successful.”

Manages his Facebook group, Kaki-kaki Shopee

He drives traffic to his YouTube channel and his shop on Shopee by promoting his content on various platforms and does YouTube & Facebook live sessions for his viewers.

Most of His ‘How To’ Guides Drive His Earnings

Weng Honn’s videos bring in high earnings because he caters for various people, especially those who want to earn money fast.

“Some people think once they upload the product at a certain marketplace, the money will come through. But that’s not the case,” he states.

Thus, he focuses on educating them that there are challenges for them when they just get started as a seller or if they’re doing Affiliate Marketing.

His videos have garnered more than 10K views. In one year, he earns 5 to 6 times more than his usual salary from his previous job.

Runs Webinars to Further Increase His Earnings

Doing his first e-commerce webinar with other online marketing gurus was his career breakthrough. Having a background in fitness for the past ten years, he never thought of doing webinars.

“It is something I love to do but I’m not too good at it,” Weng Honn jokes.

He invites viewers from his YouTube channel and Facebook page to his webinars. These allow them to ask questions, helping him to have more interaction with them and gain ideas for creating more content.

Most of his participants are between 20 – 65 years old, who prefer to be guided by someone directly.

Provides online webinars for those who want to pursue in making money online

He guides them how to actively drive traffic to their platform, no matter which product they promote.

However, not many people are quick-learners so the approach in teaching people how to make money online is crucial.

Besides running live sessions, he has products and pre-made copies readily available for people to copy and paste everything.

“A lot of training and education needs to be done,” Weng Honn highlights. “These will be able to help people who are struggling and are willing to try to learn something beneficial to them during the pandemic.”

Uses Affiliate Links on His Content

Weng Honn mentions that the way of promoting content with links matters. To garner traffic and drive earnings, sharing links on the content needs to be properly done. The content must be in tune with the audience.

For example, he promotes our Referral Program which enables Publishers to get an extra RM5 bonus by encouraging their followers to join us as a Publisher.

Encouraging his followers to sign up with us as Publishers (Source: Video)

He highlights three points in his video.

  • No cost startup online business
  • More than 100,000 products which people can promote
  • Legit company in Malaysia as a lot of people are scared of scams and are unsure about the products to promote

He shows them how easy it is to promote them with Involve Asia.

He adds his affiliate link in the description so his viewers can register as a new Publisher through his link.

Summary of His Key Tips

  1. Keep yourself updated with the current topics and trends.
  2. Interact with the audience on various platforms.
  3. Make your content be in tune with your audience.
  4. Properly share your affiliate links that makes your audience click on them.
  5. Focus on things which make you comfortable in doing them.

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