Why You Should Buy Ads to Speed Up Your Earnings

Have you ever tried to promote something online, hoping to get loads of clicks and shares, but your performance report ends up looking like this:

I know that feeling all too well, and it sucks. Not having enough followers and traffic to your promotion is a very common problem faced by new Publishers.

Your promotion will only reach a small number of people online, and an even smaller percentage of those people will convert into sales & commission earnings.

SOLUTION: Paying for ads can expand the reach of your promotions instantly. Let’s take an example if you were to promote a product online with and without paid ads:

Promoting a USD 100 ProductOrganic OnlyWith Paid Ads 
Clicks (30% click-through-rate)30030,000
Purchase (1% conversion rate)10300
Your Commission Earnings (15%)USD 150USD 4,500

The more people see your content (which has your Involve link), the more people will click on your link and eventually buy through your promotion. It’s a simple numbers game.

Ad Buying Examples

There are 2 ways you can make money with Involve:

Earn a set amount for each unique clickEarn a commission percentage out of a successful sale
Example: If you get 1,000 unique clicks on a RM 0.25 CPUC Campaign, you’ll earn RM250Example: For a 10% payout on a CPS Campaign, you’ll earn RM 10 for each RM 100 product sale

With paid ads, you can boost your reach and earnings in any Campaigns offered through Involve Asia (CPS or CPUC). Let’s start with the first one:

Example: Ad Buying to Boost Your CPUC Campaigns

If you’re promoting your Involve links with the help of Facebook Ads, you’ll be charged for each unique click. 

As long as what you’re paying per click on Facebook ads is lower than the CPUC payout you’re earning from Involve, you’re making a profit!

Let’s take an example:

Involve CPUC PayoutYour Fb Ad Cost Per ClickYour Net Profit Per Unique Click
USD 0.50USD 0.10USD 0.40

Even though you’re earning less per click because you have to pay for the ad, you’ll get way more conversions than if you didn’t use paid ads. 

Let’s look at a side-by-side comparison:

 Not Paying for AdsPaying for FB Ads
Clicks (30%) 30030,000
Your Ad CostRM 0USD 0.10 per unique click = USD 3,000
Your CPUC Earnings (USD 0.50 per unique click)300 x USD 0.50 = USD 15030,000 x USD 0.50 = USD 15,000
Your CPUC Net ProfitUSD 150USD 15,000 – 3,000 =USD 9,000

Paying for ads would expand your reach exponentially, and as long as the ad cost per click is lower than your CPUC payout from Involve, you got yourself a winning formula! 

Let’s now take a look at how ad buying will benefit your CPS Campaigns:

Example: Ad Buying to Boost Your CPS Campaigns

Let’s assume you’re promoting a USD 100 product and the CPS commission payout is 15% of a successful sale.

Let’s say at the end of your ad Campaign, it cost you USD 1,500 in total, and was able to generate you 1,000 in sales.

Look at the difference in commissions that you’ll be earning with and without paying for ads:

 Not Paying for AdsPaying for FB Ads
Clicks (30%) 30030,000
Sale Conversion (1%)10 Sales1,000 sales
Your Commission Payout (15%)15% x USD 100 x 10 = USD 1,50015% x USD 100 x 1,000 = USD 15,000
Your Ad CostUSD 0.05 x 30,000 = USD 1,500
Your Net ProfitUSD 1,500USD 15,000 – 1,500 =USD 13,500

Pretty powerful argument on why you should start planning to use paid ads to promote your content and Involve links to scale up your income.

Summing Up Paid Ads

  • Paying for ads will catapult your reach to viewers that you can’t reach organically.
  • As long as your paid ad cost is lower than your commission earnings, you’re on the right track

Log into your dashboard to browse through current ongoing Campaigns that could be a great fit to promote to your audience. 

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