Zalora Philippines Garnered 110% Increase in Partners’ Participation During Birthday Sales

Celebrating with your loyal customers nurtures deeper relationships and retains customers’ engagement with the brand by offering exciting deals and perks with customers increases purchases and revenue from exclusive birthday sales.

Here’s a breakdown of how Zalora Philippines had their 11th Birthday Sale:


Driving sales from new & existing customers’ online shopping spree

Fashion e-commerce platform, Zalora, hit its 11th year milestone since the company was established in 2012. 

Zalora continues to provide the best online shopping experience for their customers to shop for the latest clothing items, from international brands to local designers, including budget-friendly, which appeals greatly to markets in the Philippines.

To celebrate its momentous anniversary, Zalora pursues the following objectives for running its 11th birthday sale:

  • Build brand awareness & exposure to various audiences & channels
  • Increase Partners’ participation in promoting Zalora’s exclusive birthday sale
  • Optimise and grow Zalora’s sales & revenue in the Filipino market


Optimising Zalora’s campaign based on Partners’ promotions

Involve’s brand management team worked closely with Zalora Philippines to prepare for the campaign before its 11th Birthday Sale launch.

Zalora Philippines gave Involve Partners a head start for preparation by providing detailed campaign mechanics and visual creatives on their Offer page.

The following strategies were implemented to optimise Zalora campaigns that drive growth:

Recommended campaigns to promote

Based on the performance report (March 2023 – Mid-May 2023) at Involve, new & existing customers preferred to purchase apparel, accessories, and shoes for men & women.

Zalora Philippines suggested promoting the following deals where customers can enjoy up to 35% Off sitewide on selected styles, using exclusive voucher codes:

  • Mother’s Day/Women Fest
  • May Mighty Markdown
  • May We Shop

Attractive commissions

Zalora Philippines gave 6% upsized commissions to Involve Partners promoting its 11th Birthday Sale.

This approach was to encourage Involve Partners to participate in this exclusive campaign.

Involve Asia’s internal communication

We initiated the following assets to let Involve Partners know about Zalora Philippines’ 11th Birthday Sale:

  • Pop-up
  • Dashboard banner
  • eDM

Based on our data, we targeted Involve Partners who are based in and have traffic in the Philippines with higher engagement to promote Zalora within the shopping and fashion category.

Involve Partners discovered Zalora Philippines’ 11th Birthday Sale on the Involve Dashboard when they logged in with their account.

Involve Asia sent promotional emails with suggested brands for each fashion category, from women’s apparel to sports, so Involve Partners can prepare to share recommendations with their audience.

Account Managers directly communicated with Involve Partners to inform them about Zalora Philippines’ 11th Birthday Sale and provide recommended deals, promo codes, and visual creatives for them to use for their promotions.

Reaching out to Involve Partners through these communications drove leads, including signing up for Zalora Philippines’ affiliate program and generating affiliate links.

Results – Higher Involve Partner participation

Throughout the promotions for Zalora’s 11th Birthday Sale in the Philippines, Involve Partners actively promoted Zalora’s exciting deals and recommended fashion items, which led to a 110% increase in participation.

There was a massive 71% increase for Involve Partners generating affiliate links and sharing them on Involve Partners’ platforms, including website and social media channels by content creators, coupon websites, and loyalty programs.

Within a few days of high participation, Zalora earned close to RM40k of gross market value (GMV) generated from its 11th Birthday Sale in the Philippines.

Zalora Philippines garnered higher brand awareness, sales and revenue thanks to Involve Partners’ bridging its brand relevance with their audiences’ preferences on multiple platforms.

Zalora Philippines continues to optimise their attractive deals and popular fashion items with Involve Partners’ promotions through insightful data & effective affiliate marketing strategies provided by Involve Asia.

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