Merchant Description

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Kim. Indonesia ladies fashion products is very diverse, ranging from formal wear to work, party clothes, dress casual or relaxed, and even sportswear. Every Kim. product made is the work of team-up of professional designers and tailors so it is always in line with the development of global high end fashion. Not only that, products made by Kim. are always made from the best materials so it will never contradicts your comfort when wearing.

Pricing wise, Kim. Indonesia is set to be priced fairly affordable, and inexpensive, especially when compared to products offered by higher-end brands. In addition, Kim. is also known to be consistently launching new collections and products every week with the aim that the all ladies can always consistently look up-to-date!

Kim. Indonesia always have the passion to comply to ladies’ demand of staying in vogue and who are aware of ongoing fashion trends.

Based on customer’s feedback, they provide new arrivals every week with limited collections for her exclusivity.

Based in Jakarta, PT. Internasional Mitra Fasion was established with a mission  to produce top quality fashion apparel and build long-term loyalty by creating the most enjoyable shopping experience, with the vision of to manufacture apparel to meet the future needs in urban society. An entity focusing on contemporary young female fashion, aiming to serve and cater to the needs for

Kim. Indonesia is a newly-established ladies fashion brand. kim. always have the passion to stay youthful and glowing, and are aware of ongoing fashion trends.

Kim.’s concept is a fast moving fashion line that focusing on high fashion made-affordable apparels. This concept is based on an alliance between quality product and elegant design that will satisfy customers who look for cutting edge, high-quality modern urban wear.