Merchant Description

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Naquirkee offers to you the finest luxury at an affordable price. Initiated in 2014, Naquirkee is a concept store with numerous labels supplying fashion accessories, shoes and bags which are distinctive, fun, fashionable and eccentric. Their approach in acquiring items is unconventional which makes sure they stand out from the otherwise washed out trade: they offer a selection of bags, shoes, accessories, luggage and tech-friendly leather items for distinguished entrepreneur, trendsetters and fashionistas alike. entrepreneur and trendsetters alike. Under Naquirkee’s ever-expanding roof, you’ll be able to find brands such as Carrano, Kanna, Braccialini and Gabs. Two brands known for their bling-ed out beach sandals can also be found there: Holster from Australia and Inuovo from Turkey. To ensure that their product are at the very heart of the global market, they are magnificently situated on the second floor of the notable Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. They believe that they the embodiment of  being quirky, the very definition of eccentricity.