The Involve Referral Programme

Invite your friends to sign up as an Involve Partner & earn referral bonuses. Earn RM2,860 or MORE!

The Involve Referral Programme

Invite your friends to sign up as an Involve Partner & earn referral bonuses for up to 180 days!

What is the Involve Referral Programme?

The Involve Referral Programme helps you earn when you refer new people to sign up as a Partner with Involve. 

To qualify for the Involve Referral Programme, the referee (the person you referred) must earn at least 1 sale conversion (CPS) within 14 days of account approval. 

Once that requirement is met, you can earn referral bonuses from the same referee(s) for up to 180 days.

Learn how to maximise your earnings below:

Here's How Much You Could Earn

Assume that you get 10 new sign-ups through your referral link:

New Sign-Up Bonus

New Sign-Up Action
Your Sign-Up Bonus
Your Earnings with 10 New Sign-Ups

Each new sign-up earns 1 sale conversion (CPS) within 14 days of their account approval

Both of you will earn RM2

Sign-Up Bonus 

10 sign-ups x RM2


Tier Bonuses

New Sign-Up Action
 Your Tier Referral Bonus
Your Earnings with 10 New Sign-Ups

Each new sign-up earns RM5 total affiliate commission payout 


Tier-1 Bonus

10 sign-ups x RM3


Each new sign-up earns RM15 total affiliate commission payout


Tier-2 Bonus

10 sign-ups x RM8


Each new sign-up earns RM60 total affiliate commission payout


Tier-3 Bonus

10 sign-ups x RM30


Special Bonuses

New Sign-Up Action
 Your Special Bonus
Your Earnings with 10 Referees

Each new sign-up earns RM150 total affiliate commission payout every 30 days (1 month)


Special Bonus

10 sign-ups
x RM38 x 6 months


When 10 of your sign-ups earn RM15 worth of total affiliate commission payout each 


Additional Bonus


Your total referral earnings from 10 Referees: RM2,860

How to Promote the Involve Referral Programme

1. Get your referral unique link

Log in to your Partners dashboard and search for the Involve Asia Publisher Referral Programme.

2. Promote it on your social media

Copy the unique link and share it on your social media.

Scroll down to FAQs on tips to promote and earn from Referral Programme.

3. Sit back and track your bonuses

Track your referral bonuses on “Referral Report”

Read the full Terms & Conditions here

Referral Programme FAQs

The Involve Referral Programme is open to all registered Partners with Involve Asia.

Anyone who has not registered as a Partner on Involve Asia before.

You can track your referral performance on your Partner Dashboard:

Promotion Tab > Referrals (here)

Sign-up bonus: You will earn MYR2 once your referee earns 1 conversion within 14 days of account approval.

Tiers Bonus: Earn up to RM30 when your referee earns up to RM60 Special Bonus: Earn RM38 for every RM150 payout that referee achieves

Additional Bonus: Earn RM150 bonus for every 10 of your sign-ups that achieve RM15 payout each

For more info, refer back to the ‘Here’s How Much You Can Earn’ above.

Referral Bonus Payout will be paid to you monthly.

We reserve the right to approve or reject ANY of your referral commission on the following basis. You will have no legal recourse against us for the rejection of your referral commission.

Approve: We will approve your referral bonus once your referee get 1 conversion within 14 days after account get approved.

Disapprove: We disapprove your bonus when no action taken by your referee within 14 days after the account get approved.

Yes, Involve Asia will provide key visuals such as banners that are ready to be posted on your social media platforms. You can get the visuals via the Involve Asia Partner Dashboard.

Yes, you can refer to YouTube, TikTok & Website article on how to promote Involve Referral Programme.

Learn more about Involve Referral Programme here. If you require further information, feel free to contact your publisher manager or our customer service at [email protected]

Start Referring Involve Asia Now!