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Involve provides you a easy way to discover and promote brands, products and services you love to your followers and earn. Sign up and find out why thousands of websites, apps and influencers use us to increase their online earnings.


Earn with Coupons

Involve works with the top online retailers in Southeast Asia to create and distribute coupon codes. Coupons are sorted and managed centrally on our interface; making it easy for you to find, promote and earn from these coupons.

  • Coupons from over 300 advertisers updated daily
  • Direct relationships with advertisers for exclusive codes
  • Tested and guaranteed to work

Earn by offering Cash back

We provide multiple integration options to allow you to offer cash-back or incentives on hundreds of advertisers to your users.

  • Get paid weekly
  • Direct relationships with advertisers for unique promotions

Earn with Feeds

Involve works directly with online retailers and advertisers to get product and promotions feeds to ensure content on your site is constantly updated.

  • Standard feed formats
  • Feeds updated daily
  • Multiple feed formats

Earn from your Content

Automate affiliate marketing for your content website by integrating Shoplink, our proprietary content monetisation engine. Simply install our Shoplink script on your website and we’ll automatically convert any merchant, product or brand reference into affiliate links.

You focus on producing great content, we’ll focus on helping you make money.


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Attractive Commissions

Our network of merchants and advertisers offer generous commissions for sales or lead generation and 1 on 1 special exclusive campaigns.


30-day Tracking

Our cookies and tracking technology will follow the customer for 30 days when they click so if the customer changes their mind and goes back to purchase, you still earn the commission!


Compare and Optimise

Based on our tracking technology, we provide easy to understand summary you can decide which channel to better invest in, or make changes to improve.


Friendly Tools

We have developed a suite of smart, easy to use tools that you can easily integrate into your media. Advanced tools for power-users are also available.

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