Low Clicks & Conversions? Here are 3 Common Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Are you not getting enough clicks & conversions? The 2 most common mistakes new Publishers make are:

  1. Not understanding your audience – You’re creating content & promoting offers that no one wants
  2. Weak promotion – your content is not promoting the product in the best light
  3. You’re not telling your audience to click on your links

Don’t worry. We’ll show you exactly how you can fix your issues, so you’re on your way to earning your first USD 100 with Involve Asia in just a few weeks.

Great, let’s start solving your first problem:

Know Your Audience & What They Want

The first order of business is to know who are the people following you on social media, visiting your website, or subscribing to you on YouTube.

Luckily, most platforms have their own statistics tool. Don’t get overwhelmed, just focus on these 4 metrics:

  1. Geographic location
  2. Language
  3. Age range
  4. Gender

Here’s an example audience demographic covering all 4:

Source: SumGyeoJin Gem Facebook

By knowing these 4 simple demographics, you can predict what products they would be stereotypically interested in buying.

For example, if most of your readers are female, ages 24 and below, there’s a high chance they are interested in fashion and makeup products.

On the other hand, if most of your readers are men above 30, they might be interested in financial or car accessory products.

Now you know who your audience is and what they most likely want, let’s continue to match relevant Offers to your audience:

Create Quality Content: Give Your Audience What They Want

There are 4 ways to create and promote quality content, let’s go over the first one:

Promote Trending Products & Discounts on Popular Products

If you’re new, I’d recommend you start promoting trendy products that many people would love to buy.

A great example is the iPhone. 1 out of 4 smartphones globally is an Apple iPhone. So it would make a lot of sense to start promoting always in-demand Apple products:

Source: Jimat Kaki’s Facebook

Add Clear, Simple & Attractive Images

Images are critical. People are more likely to click on your link if it has a simple, straightforward & attractive picture.

Let’s take a look at a sample post with cluttered images (left) and a much simpler, straightforward image on the right:

 Source: Jimat Kaki Facebook

The messaging on the left is a bit confusing. There’s a picture of a Grabfood driver, fast food, bubble tea, and other food brands. The reader’s mind could get confused.

However, the image on the right is talking about one thing; the new Mcdonald’s burger. The reader will naturally know what to do next; click on your link and try out the new burger!

Create a Review, Tutorial, or Resource List of the Product Being Promoted

Besides sharing discounts on popular items, you can take it one step further by creating a thorough, honest review of the product you want to promote.

The good thing is that the people who search for online reviews are usually closer to the buying phase, hence increasing your chance of a conversion.

Here’s an example of a mesh WiFi review, a great content strategy because many people are working from home and need to improve their home WiFi connection.

Most people would not know which model to choose, so a comprehensive review like this would be beneficial to the reader:

Balkoni Hijau’s Mesh WiFi Review

Apart from text review, YouTube videos are the trend nowadays as viewers can better visualize and hear the product through video than text and images.

Timing is Everything

Let’s take an example for promoting big events such as Chinese New Year or Xmas promotions. Consumers will typically shop for gifts around 1 to 2 weeks before the big holiday.

So if you only started promoting 2 days before CNY or Xmas, it will most likely be too late, as most people will already have bought their gifts.

Take a look at Jimat Kaki, who started promoting CNY promotions 2 weeks before the actual holidays, giving them plenty of lead time for consumers to buy gifts:

Source: Jimat Kaki Facebook

Take note of festive periods on your local calendar and create content for them ahead of time.

Put in Clear CTA

Some Publishers have amazing photos and promote the right trending products. But when we analyzed why they’re not getting enough clicks and conversions, it’s because they’re not making their Call to Action (CTA) clear enough.

Let’s take a look at Jimat Kaki’s post about Korean skincare products. After a short paragraph hyping the product up, they’ve included a CTA, “Click to buy,” to tell people what to do next and where to buy it:

Source: Jimat Kaki Facebook

Your CTA needs to be enthusiastic to convince and direct people to click on the article. Use a secondary CTA such as Learn More for people who are not ready to buy.

Wrapping Things Up

  1. Know your audience – only create content that they want
  2. Create quality content – to promote the Offers in the best light (e.g., reviews)

I hope this has been helpful. Login to your dashboard below to see the latest Offers to promote: