Faster Offer Approval! Here’s How it Works

In our latest update, you can expect your Offer applications to be approved much quicker and with greater ease!

Here are the changes made to the Offer Approval application:

Remember these questions? GONE. We’ve updated our platform to make it easier for you to apply for an offer and for that approval to happen quicker.

Now you don’t have to fill in anything!

Be sure to view the Advertiser’s Terms & Conditions and Available & Unavailable Promotion Methods.

Before clicking on the ‘Submit’ button, click on the checkbox to agree that you understand the Promotion Methods and have your conversions rejected if you violate these methods at the Advertiser’s & Involve Asia’s discretion.

In this latest update, you can expect most offers to be approved almost immediately but some will still take time (but a lot less than before)!.

Go ahead and try it out!

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