Find & Manage Partnerships with Involve Advertiser Dashboard

Relevant content creators, influencers, and website owners can help drive traffic to your online business.

This article will show how to discover new publisher partnerships and manage ones you already have in one convenient dashboard.

Let’s begin with how to discover new partnerships.

Invite and Connect with Partners

Step 1: Navigate to Partner Directory

Click on ‘Partner Directory’ under ‘Partner’

Step 2: Find Partners

Set the following filters based on your criteria, including types of channel Partners promote at, categories of products & services and Partners’ membership levels before clicking on the ‘Search’ button.

Scroll further down to and you will see a list of Partners to choose from.

  • Website Name – View Partner’s channel
  • eCPC (effective cost per click) – The average of ad cost per click which is used only after campaign completion or cost evaluation for ongoing campaigns
  • Campaigns – The number of campaigns that Partner is actively promoting.

Once you have found the Partner you would like to connect with, you will need to make an offer with Partner.

Step 3: Make an Offer with Partner

Click on ‘Make Offer’ under the column, titled ‘Action’, which will show a pop-up window.

Fill in the form and click ‘Continue’.

View the details carefully and tick the box that you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions before you click ‘Invite Partner’.

Your Account Manager will help in making arrangements with Partners before kickstarting in promoting your Offers and campaigns.

The next step is to manage the Partners you have connected with.

Manage Your Partners

Step 1: Navigate to ‘My Partners’

Click on ‘My Partners’ under ‘Partner’.

Step 2: View Partners

In the ‘Partner Details’ section, set your filters accordingly and click ‘Search’.

Scroll down to see a list of Partners who are promoting your Offers.

Under the column titled ‘Source’, ‘Offer Application’ means that Partners have applied to promote your Offer.

You can also ‘Make Offer’ to the Partners you want to connect with.

The ‘Outgoing Invites’ section shows which Partners you have invited to promote your Offers.

The ‘Incoming Offer Application’ section lets you view Partners who have requested to promote your Offers.

Your Account Manager will help filter and approve pending applications to reduce fraud and duplications. 

Invite Your Partner to Join Involve

Got a Partner who’s not with Involve? You can invite them to join Involve and promote your Offer. The onboarding process is time-saving and convenient!

Asking your Partners to join Involve makes it easier for you to manage payouts and attributes from a single platform.

You only have to do in two simple steps:

  1. On the main dashboard, select the Offer you want your Partner to promote
  2. Copy and share your referral link with Partner

They will be taken to the below page which will get them started to sign up with Involve.

We will guide your Partner through the onboarding process while you continue running your business.

Ready to connect with Partners who will help grow your business? Click on the button below to sign in to your Advertiser Dashboard.

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