How to Use Consumer Insights to Optimise Content and Drive Earnings

Consumer Insights plays a crucial role in providing you with an in-depth view of how your audiences think and feel, especially products that tailor to their preferences.

Taking consumer insights in numbers and stories, you will be able to create and promote engaging content that improves the audience’s satisfaction and maintain their trust & loyalty.

With that, your engaging videos improve traffic and views that will contribute to earning more commissions when the audience click on your affiliate links and purchase your recommended products.

Benefits of Using Consumer Insights

Here’s how consumer insights can improve your content creation and engagement with your audience in affiliate marketing.

Being aware of your niche industry

Viewing consumer insights enables you to gather and evaluate what products and services in the market that people are talking about. Their conversations reflect on consumers’ needs and suggestions on how to improve products, services and your content.

Whether they know about your content or not, getting up to speed with conversations that pop up on every platform, both offline and online, help you to create engaging niche content that showcases your speciality and contribute solutions to your audience.

Providing a better experience for your audience

Consumer insights help you create a flow on how to get them to click on your affiliate links and purchase products on the designated brand’s websites. 

You can identify which works best and which doesn’t that could improve your audience’s online shopping experience.


For example, your audience would make purchases at the Home & Lifestyle section during double-digit sales with exciting deals, including discounts and cashback, on Shopee and Lazada. Highlight the must-have items that elevate comfortable living space and share promo codes that your audience could use upon check-out at Shopee and Lazada double-digit sales.

By pinpointing the audience’s shopping behaviour and preference, you will be able to create content that drives awareness, traffic and affiliate sales.

Adding unique and relevant style to your content

Personalisation is key in making your content different from other content creators. Having niche and personalised content with impactful messages helps reach wider audiences and maintain audience retention.

That’s why customer insights come in handy where you can see why your audience prefer to buy certain products over others on e-commerce platforms.

It helps to mould your unique persona and convey various messages to different targeted audiences.


Beauty content creator Jan Angelo specialises in doing product reviews on skincare items while taking the science in these products since not many content creators in the Philippines do that.

Using consumer insights by looking into his audience’s conversations, experiences and trends in the skincare market enable him to be more flexible in creating authentic content.

Let’s look into the type of consumer insights to refer to.

Types of Consumer Insights

Quantitative and qualitative data that is new, unexpected and relevant inspires you to create content.

Looking into consumer insights on digital platforms has become more reliable since audiences are actively engaging and sharing content online.


Using these data provides you with a deeper understanding of online real-time and timeless conversations, including thoughts and reactions on products, services and events.

Now you know the types of consumer insights to look for, let’s show you how to leverage consumer insights.

Ways to Gather Consumer Insight

Having conversations with your audience


Reaching out to your audience and striking conversations with them via in-person or social media helps you understand their thoughts, preferences & experiences with products and services. You will hear their opinions and suggestions on how to improve your content.

You could set up a focus group of 10 people, send out surveys and gather comments while you are making live online videos.

Ensure to keep the conversations going with a wider audience to gather as much data as possible that contribute to your content creation and promotion.

Using technology to compile and analyse data


Implementing technology to data gathering helps you keep track, measure and analyse detailed data conveniently in one platform.

Most digital tools are easy-to-use which doesn’t require advanced technical skills and hire data analysts.

At Involve Dashboard, we provide the following built-in reports that you can view your overall performance, conversions and tools you used for promoting your content with affiliate links.

We recently added in Consumer Insights report that provides critical data on what consumers like and their purchasing behaviours.

How to View Consumer Insights on Dashboard


Navigate to ‘Consumer Insights’ under ‘Reports’ on top of the menu.


Select the type of reports (such as monthly reports, double-date sales, and trending weekly), type of Publishers to compare against, and country of audiences that you want to view before clicking on the ‘Search’ button.


Offer Insights provides the best Offers to Apply/Promote next and look for more products to promote from Your Top Offers to Promote, based on the following ranks:

  • Sales Ranking – Score (out of 10) representing the actual sales value
  • Number of Conversions – Score (out of 100%) representing the actual amount of conversions
  • Conversion Rate – The average conversion rate for the Offer 

Top Offers in Involve Asia list out the best Offers that you have not used while Your Top Offers shows your top-performing Offers. You can visit their websites to find their latest products and promotions.

To compare your Offers against unused ones, click on ‘Filter’ and select ‘Show My Offers’ to see if these Offers made into the top 20.


Viewing the best categories on Category Insight help you come up with your next content ideas. Compare Your Top Categories vs Top Categories in Involve Asia among similar Publishers.

You can choose to promote more of what’s working well for others or find your own niche.

Discover your audience’s preferences in purchasing products and services online via Consumer Insights by logging in to your Involve Dashboard.

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