Guideline to the Consumer Insights Report

Greetings from Involve Asia! We are here to assist you as you begin your journey through our platform’s features. 

This guide will walk you through the most efficient way to view the “Consumer Insights Report” on the Involve Dashboard.

Check out the important features available so you can get hands-on while navigating your report seamlessly.

Consumer insights involve gaining an extensive understanding of consumer behaviours, preferences, and motivations through data analysis. 

This knowledge helps your affiliate journey to make informed decisions to meet your audience’s needs better and personalise your strategies accordingly.

Below are some benefits of using consumer insights to increase your affiliate commissions: 

Provide a better experience for your audience

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Consumer insights assist you in improving the quality of your content and your audience’s experience based on what you offer.

Understanding consumer behaviours and preferences allows you to tailor your focus and concentrate on your speciality, particularly your niche, when promoting a product or service. 

This will enable you to generate more revenue through relevant interactions, resulting in a more satisfying and engaging experience for your audience.

Adding a distinct and relevant style to your content

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Consumer insights can assist you in making your content more personalised and relevant. 

Knowing your audience’s preferences, interests, and likes allows you to create content that speaks to them from an individual’s perspective. 

This personalised approach gives your content a unique flavour, making it more relatable and engaging for your target audience.

Having conversations with your audience

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The best way to gather informative consumer insights is to communicate with your audience. 

Direct communication with your audiences through chat or comments, for example, can give you essential insider knowledge about their preferences, needs, and points of view. 

This approach lets you dive deeper into their needs and perspectives, producing more thorough and precise information.

Using Technology to Collect and Analyse Data

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You can learn more about your customers by gathering and analysing data. 

You can discover patterns and trends by carefully analysing this data, which will help you better understand and make better decisions.

Using the built-in reports we provide at Involve Dashboard, you can view your overall performance, conversions, and the tools you used to promote your content with affiliate links.

Not only that, but our Consumer Insights Report provides useful information about what consumers like and what they purchase frequently.

Here’s how you can get all of that information:

Step 1: Accessing the Main page

Begin by logging into your Involve Asia account and accessing the main dashboard, your hub, for all insights related to your activities.

Step 2: Exploring Top Advertisers and Offers

To access valuable information about top-selling offers, direct your attention to the “Reports” Tab at the top of the dashboard. It’s a goldmine of data that can guide your decision-making process. 

Don’t overlook the ability to analyse performance across Months, Publisher Types, and Audience Countries.

Step 3: Unveiling the “Category Insights”

However, the spotlight of today’s tutorial shines on a feature nestled below – the “Category Insights.”

Step 4: Discovering Best-Selling Categories

Immerse yourself in these insights, where the most successful categories come to light. Click on one of the top-selling categories to open a portal to its Performance Metrics.

Step 5: The Power of Performance Metrics

Not only can you peruse the Top Advertisers within that category, but you also delve into Price Range Performances, a crucial compass for your strategy.

Tip: Leverage the Insights

Here’s a nugget of wisdom: consider promoting products within the top-performing price range. There’s often a reason behind their exceptional performance. Harness this insight to your advantage.

Let’s now put these insights into action. Follow these steps to leverage the information you’ve gathered effectively:

Step 6: Choosing and Navigating to an Advertiser

From the Top Advertiser segment, select an advertiser you’d like to promote. Click on “View the Site” to explore their offerings.

Once on their website, navigate to the category you discovered earlier. This is where the captivating journey begins.

Step 7: Selecting Products and Utilizing Filters

Browse through the category and identify the products you wish to promote. For optimal results,  think about harnessing the Advertiser’s Page Filters.

These filters can help you streamline your search based on the insights you’ve unearthed earlier.

Step 8: Finalising Your Product Choice

Upon selecting a product that aligns with your strategy, navigate to its dedicated page.

Take your time to review it and ensure it’s the right fit for your promotional efforts.

Step 9: Creating Your Deeplink

It’s time to transform your chosen product into a revenue-generating opportunity. Copy the URL of the product page.

Return to our Involve Asia platform and direct your attention to the “Promotion” Tab at the top. Here, you’ll find the “Deeplink Generator” segment – the portal to converting your product interest into income.

Step 10: Generating Your Deeplink

Within the Deeplink Generator, designate the property you intend to promote. Paste the copied URL into the designated box. If you haven’t done so, ensure you’ve applied for the advertiser.

Take a moment to review the Terms and Conditions to ascertain your eligibility.

Once you’re ready, click on “Generate Link.”

Step 11: Your Promotional Link

Voilà! A customised promotional link is now at your fingertips. Copy the link that’s been generated – this is your key to initiating your promotional campaign.


You are now fully equipped to embark on your promotional journey. 

Remember, thorough research about the product and its features will serve as your guiding compass. 

The more you know, the more effectively you can promote and engage your audience.

Armed with insights and armed with action, you’re poised for success. 

Wishing you the best of luck as you embark on this exciting promotional venture. Go forth and promote with confidence and enthusiasm!

We hope our instructions for using the Consumer Insights Report will give you a clearer understanding of identifying your areas of strength and need.

You can log into your Involve Dashboard and discover your audience’s preferences for purchasing goods and services online through the Customer Insights Report.

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