How Kenneth Tanaka Makes Money Online From His Tech Passion

We all would love to make money from our hobby.It is not easy to have both of them. Take a look at how tech reviewer Kenneth Tanaka does in doing what he loves and earning income with Involve Asia at the same time!

Creating Videos That People Want to View

Since young, Kenneth Tanaka loves all things technology. He keeps up with the latest tech news, shares the latest tips and tricks with his friends, and recommends tech stuff that people should buy. Hearing people like these suggested products and advice make him happy.

Kenneth’s first video was about how he upgraded every single component of his 2011 laptop. He recorded the process with his phone. This is his video where he mentioned the specs followed by the process of upgrading his laptop.

“I talked about what I’ve done to my laptop and how others could consider upgrading theirs as well,” he shares.

With that, he set up his own YouTube channel, focusing on tech product reviews and unboxing which he aims to help people make their purchasing decision. He focuses on wireless earbuds for people who are on a budget. He plans to branch out in reviewing other tech items such as phones and laptops.

Compiling Information and Producing Videos

Kenneth gets inspiration from interacting with his audience in the YouTube comments section and Instagram stories.

His creative process in making videos is writing the scripts, recording takes, shooting thumbnails and B rolls, and editing all these elements into videos before publishing them on YouTube.

In his videos, he breaks down the product reviews into detail while putting himself in his audience’s shoes.

  • First impressions of sound quality and build quality wireless earbuds before he makes the final verdict
  • Examples of his listening experience to support his views
  • Latency & mic test – runs these for a week

Providing in-depth views helps his audience to make their purchasing decisions.

Stats That Kenneth Looks At

He monitors his videos’ performance by looking at the three stats:

  • Click-through-rate (CTR) – how attractive the title and thumbnail of his YouTube videos are
  • Audience retention rate – how engaging the content is
  • Number of views for the last 24 hours – to see when his audience watch his videos, especially during the peak hours

Finding Affiliate Marketing Programs

He was looking for an affiliate partner program based in Asia until Involve Asia appeared first on Google Search:

He found that Involve Asia provides various Offers that he can promote on his videos. “I especially love the absence of any fees on earnings withdrawal,” he mentioned. “This is something that I’ve never seen in my previous affiliate programs.”

Amazed with what Involve Asia does, he signed up as a Publisher and started promoting on his YouTube channel.

Self-learning, Guided by Involve Asia

Kenneth’s first hurdle is to figure out how to apply for different brands in different regions. He needs to generate links and navigate around the dashboard to look for the Offers he wants to promote.

Having assistance from Involve Asia helps him get familiarised with the dashboard. He finds it user-friendly and convenient to filter the searches and browse through Offers.

While browsing, he has to think about the audience’s preferences for tech products. “It’s all about the audience,” he mentions. “You know your subscribers well so try to pick products that fit their interest.” So he selects the filters and gets the following Offers.

Electronic Offers to promote

He mostly finds the Offers from Shopee, Lazada and Tokopedia across Southeast Asia. After gathering details about the Offers, such as product details and commissions earnings, he makes the product and unboxing reviews based on his selected Offers to promote. He adds multiple links in the description box of his YouTube videos, with options for multiple countries like this below.

Affiliate links in the description box of his YouTube videos

Providing these affiliate links will make it easier for his audience to find and shop for the products that he reviewed. Using this approach continuously helps him earn commissions from successful sales in various e-commerce stores.

Since the beginning, he wanted to reach out to the global audience. So, he tried to reach out to them across Asia, including the Filipinos and Malaysian audience who actively watch his videos. No matter how good the conversions will be or how popular the brand is, he wanted to provide value in his content that many people could enjoy no matter where they are.

That is why he spoke mostly in English and provided links to as many countries as he can. “But the latter will no doubt help me get more conversions,” he added. “So I try to make a video on what my audience, and me myself, wanted to know the most.”

Staying Consistent in the Process

For the past two years, Kenneth has been consistently uploading videos – up to 3 videos per week. Some videos may not have worked well or some affiliate links don’t give many conversions but he is happy with creating videos that he wants to make. “I am happy if someone out there is finding these videos useful,” he adds.

He focuses on making the videos, which some do well, creating a good uplift in his earnings of successful sales via Affiliate links. At the end of the second year with Involve Asia, he saw higher conversions and high monthly earnings coming in. Promoting Affiliate links in his videos gives him over 1,500 conversions per month.

He says not to be afraid when your first videos are not the best. “You will learn as you go when creating videos for your audience.”

To sum up, be consistent in knowing what your audience wants, select the relevant Offers to promote and ignite your creativity in creating engaging videos.

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