Roundtable: Klook, Adventoro & Trapo on Adapting to New Normal

COVID-19 pandemic allows brands to take full advantage of technology that enables them to connect with their new & existing customers and monitor performance effectively.

At the roundtable event, Kelvin Kwan (Senior Associate | Partnership & Affiliates, Klook), Ken Lau (Chief Executive Officer, Adventoro), and Ionut (Chief Marketing Officer, Trapo) shared their thoughts how brands in the travel & automobile industry tackle the challenges amidst the pandemic.

The Involve Roundtable Event took place at Komune Co-working Space in Bangsar South, on 22nd July, 2022.

Pivoting Strategies During Pandemic

The travel & automobile industry was severely affected by the pandemic, but Klook, Adventoro, and Trapo pivoted their strategies to keep their businesses going in the new normal.

Kelvin Kwan (Senior Associate | Partnership & Affiliates, Klook)

Klook comes out with unique methods in moving forward by creating customised vacation packages for their customers.

For Adventoro, having a big surge of different travel activities allows them to improve unique approaches to reaching out to new customers.

Trapo changed its mission and slogan & launched a wide range of car accessories that focuses more on providing safe, hygiene, and comfort for the customers’ driving experience.

Pursuing Collaboration with Partners

Klook, Adventoro, and Trapo started to collaborate more with Partners having niche & credible audiences. 

Through affiliate marketing at Involve, both brands and Partners work together by exchanging knowledge and expertise in promoting products and services based on customers’ lifestyles and preferences.

Ionut (Chief Marketing Officer, Trapo)

“We are constantly helping Partners to push our business outside of double-date campaigns,” said Ionut, “We have been hiring more account managers, specifically to look into affiliate marketing.”

Adventoro has been experimenting with affiliate marketing for six to twelve months, which forces their business to be more unique in providing various travel & leisure activities for their customers.

“We have been creating more opportunities for Partners to promote popular activities which customers can enjoy,” Ken added. “Content is important for our business as margins are very tight. So, it allows us to prepare effective campaigns for Partners.”

Klook is giving more unique travel packages for customers and Involve Partners. These travel packages are based on the current travel trends, such as whether it is navigating covid SOPs or weather seasonality.

Klook always plans and lets Partners know which travel package works best in driving more sales from bookings. “We are starting to collaborate with local merchants and make our travel packages more enticing,” Andy shared.

Providing Solutions Based on Customers’ Needs

Listening to the customers’ experiences with products and services helps brands develop better strategies that contribute to better customer engagement and sales.

Trapo is trying their best to listen to their customers so they can come up with better solutions for providing the best safety, hygiene, and comfort to their customers. They add key features to their new antibacterial & hygiene products based on their customers’ feedback.

Ken Lau (Chief Executive Officer, Adventoro)

Instead of having customers click the links on social media, Adventoro invites customers to try out the travel activities and see what is best for their customers to enjoy them.

Ionut suggested engaging with customers via social media platforms. “In today’s era, videos on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are selling 4x more than images,” he added. “The trending power of ‘live’ has given the highest reach, so hop on to those trends.”

Wrapping it Up

To keep your business going and thriving, brands need to consider:

  • Pivoting strategies to adapt to the fast-changing environment
  • Reaching out to Partners who have the potential to promote your products & services to their audience
  • Listening to their customers’ experiences with your products and services

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