Home & Living Marketplace in Thailand: Earned 4x Sales Growth in 5 Months

One of Thailand’s most popular e-commerce platforms focusing on home & living items, touches on affiliate marketing to connect with a broader target market and boost online sales. 

Here’s the Advertiser pursued reaching its objectives through a partnership with Involve.

Drove 4x Sales Growth in 5 Months

The collaboration between the Advertiser and affiliate Partners via Involve brought significant growth of 4x in sales with a Return-of-Investment (ROI) of 40 from July 2021 to November 2021.

3x increased clicks on Involve Partners’ affiliate links drove consistent traffic to Advertiser’s e-commerce platform during non-peak and peak sales, boosting 5x sales conversion on purchased products.

Attractive promo codes, deals, and recommended products displayed on Involve Partners’ engaging content (such as product reviews and promotion highlights) drew their audiences’ attention to make purchases before the promotion ended.

Upsized commissions encouraged more Involve Partner participation in promoting Advertiser’s campaigns and best-selling products, which led Advertiser to give 3x more payout to Involve Partners.

Aligning Campaigns & Top-Selling Products

Involve assisted in identifying the top-performing Partners’ promotions and popular product categories by referring to Involve data on the Performance Report and Conversion Report.

Based on the effective performance in promotions & audiences’ preferences, Advertiser prepared various campaigns for best deals and lists of top-selling products catering to target Partners and audiences.

Advertiser’s ongoing campaigns were displayed on the Involve dashboard, where Partners can learn more about the campaigns.

  • New Partners: Sign up with the Advertiser’s affiliate program before promoting the brand by generating their unique affiliate link and sharing it on their social media
  • Existing Partners: Instantly click ‘Promote’ to generate their unique affiliate link and start promoting the brand

Advertiser also gave promo codes, available on Involve’s coupon page, which garnered more Involve Partners’ participation as these promo codes help to increase higher order values and conversion rates.

Advertiser optimised its e-commerce platform with Involve Partners’ promotions and audiences’ preferences by providing the best deals and top-selling products with detailed information, such as product price, ratings, and discounts.

Here’s a simple guide on aligning campaigns and optimising your website with Involve Partners’ promotions.

Giving Upsized Commissions for Double-Date Sales

Advertiser gave upsized commissions throughout the double-date sales period to entice Partners to promote these sales actively.

From July 2021 to November 2021, Involve Partners drove the most traffic to Advertiser’s e-commerce platform during the double-date sales with attractive deals, promo codes, and best-selling products.

More than 930 Involve Partners actively promoted the double-date sales on their platforms.

63% of participating Involve Partners were content creators and influencers who feature Advertiser’s double-date sales with recommended products to add to carts & purchase them.

Collaborating with Potential Involve Partners

Participating Involve Partners utilised the Advertiser’s visual assets and information, giving them ample time to create engaging content for their audience.

On their posts, with the creative banners, they added the following key points that encourage their audience to click on their affiliate links and purchase their recommended products:

  • Campaign mechanics (eg. up to 99% Off on participating products)
  • Campaign period
  • Promo codes
  • Brief explanations about the products
  • Call-to-action with their affiliate links

New & existing customers were more engaging when they browsed for products with exciting deals on social media and websites via mobile.

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