3 Simple Video Editing Tips to Earn More from Your Video Content

As a content creator, video content is a must. Video content that entertains or educates is usually the ones that do well online.

If you look at experienced content creators, their videos are well made & polished. It’s not surprising that quality content gets you views.

But do you find editing videos overwhelming?

Fear not, in this article, we’ll show you 3 simple video editing tips to instantly boost your video production game, get more views & ultimately more affiliate sales!

Add Trending Music to Your Instagram Reels

Jumping on to the latest trends on Instagram gives you the high possibility to be featured on the ‘For You Page’ where you will be discovered by the new and existing audiences.

Discover Instagram Reel trends by clicking on the centre bottom of your homepage where you will find various Reels that are popular on Instagram. 

When creating your Reels on Instagram, select Audio where you will find the most trending audio in the ‘For You’ section. Tap on ‘See More’ for more options.

Here are some Instagram Reels ideas you could use for creating content.

  • Make product reviews of new and popular products
(Source: smashpop)
  • Answer frequently asked questions on Instagram
  • Take your followers behind-the-scene
(Source: baydoucet)
  • Promote exclusive deals
(Source: Malaysia Pickie)

Learn more about how to create your Instagram Reels in our article.

Make Your TIkTok Videos Addictive with Transitions

Seamless transitions in between snippets of images and videos make your TikTok videos smoother and entertaining. Your audience will enjoy watching these videos without having the need to skip to the next video.

If you are totally new to editing videos, ClipChamp is a free online video editor where you can make videos with simple features on your desktop, in-browser and mobile.

Set up a new project on ClipChamp and upload your media files to start editing your videos. Add in videos and photos on your timeline.

(Source: ClipChamp)

Click on the ‘Transition’ button on the bottom left of the toolbar which will show various transitions to choose from. Drag and drop your chosen transition to your timeline between two clips. A green highlight, which indicates transition, will appear in between clips.

You can adjust the duration (in seconds) and change the transition type by clicking on the transition icon in your timeline.

(Source: ClipChamp)

Play the video to view your transitions before exporting your video.

Read more about how to add transitions to your videos in ClipChamp’s article.

Add Strong CTA in Your YouTube End Cards

End cards appear at the last 5 – 20 seconds of the video. This is where you can promote your videos, playlists, merchandise and external websites.

Having the end screen keeps your audience to continue watching your videos instead of heading back to the homepage. Also, they might subscribe to your channel!

End cards give a strong CTA (call to action) to get your audience to engage more with your content and increase sales of your recommended products and services.

Log in to YouTube Studio and select ‘Content’ on the left menu. Choose a video you want to edit and click the ‘Cards’ box to add your cards. 

Think about 2 – 3 elements you want to put on your End Card.

  • Subscribe – clickable button to subscribe to your channel
  • Video or Playlist – send your audience to view a related and/or top-viewed video or playlist
  • Channel – take your audience to your YouTube channel
  • External website – send your audience to your website

Edit your start time before clicking ‘Save’.

ClipChamp has a wide range of customisable video templates, stock videos and images that you can use for your videos. Just browse through the library, select your template and edit to your liking such as change colours, edit text and font size, and add a logo.

(Source: ClipChamp)

This video editing software also has a screen and camera recorder, giving you the ability to record on the spot without the hassle of uploading your media files from your phone or camera.

(Source: ClipChamp)

Now you know how to edit videos online easily, it’s time to create your own engaging content with ClipChamp. Check out ClipChamp website to sign up and use its wonderful features for your videos. 

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