How to Promote Involve Asia Referral Program on TikTok

Hey! Did you know that you can earn extra bonuses by inviting your TikTok followers to sign up as Publisher at Involve?

Promote Involve Asia Referral Program on Tik Tok and get a RM5 bonus per signup, earning up to RM,5000 (without capped) monthly. Your followers will also get a RM5 bonus after they sign up with us.

Here’s how to let your followers know about our program and get them to sign up via your affiliate link.

Add Your Affiliate Link in Your Profile

Your followers will not be able to click on your affiliate link if it’s added on your post. So we suggest adding in your clickable affiliate link on the profile like this below.

Have more than one affiliate link to promote products? Linktree and Linkfly are recommended menu generators where you can create a personalised and easily-customisable page of your affiliate links.

Review Involve Asia

Create a 60-seconds TikTok video about how Involve Asia helps you in making money online by promoting products on TikTok.

Guide them through on how you use the Involve Asia dashboard to promote brands and earn monthly income. Include screenshots to provide your followers a better understanding on using our dashboard.

Let’s have a look at Icha’s TikTok video about Involve Asia.

Icha attended one of our webinars where we guide participants how we help them in Affiliate Marketing. She later signed up for the Shopee Affiliate Program at Involve Asia and promoted products from Shopee on TikTok.

She was so happy to receive high earnings within two weeks that she decided to share her experience with her followers and encourage them to sign as Publishers at Involve Asia.

She made another TikTok video which shows a step-by-step guide on how to sign up as Publishers. She mentioned that she included her affiliate link in her profile.

Using these approaches will influence her followers to sign up via her affiliate link.

Include captions in your TikTok video

Some followers view the TikTok videos when the sound is not turned on. The captions grab people’s attention when they scroll through their feed.

Make your captions short, exciting and noticeable for your followers which might lead them to click on your affiliate link.

Here are a couple of caption examples:

  • I earn RMX.XX after two weeks of promoting my favourite products.
  • Simple and easy-to-use dashboard
  • How to sign up as Publisher:
    • Click on the link in my bio
    • Fill in your Account and Personal details
    • Click ‘Create Account’ button
    • Click on the link provided in the email to verify your account.

Read our article to learn more about how to make money on TikTok.

Get started in inviting your followers to join as Publishers and earn extra bonuses by clicking on the link below to generate your link and promote our referral program on your TikTok videos.