Top-Selling Product Categories in Lazada in Southeast Asia

Publishers, including Influencers and KOLs, actively promote their recommended products to their followers based on the popular products they buy on Lazada.

Not only will it drive traffic and engagement with their content, but their followers will also be persuaded to click on their affiliate links to purchase products on Lazada, leading to earning commissions from successful sales.

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We break down the most converting categories customers buy at on Lazada, based on six counties (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam), from January to December 2022.

Lazada Malaysia

Kitchen appliances (such as baking papers for air fryers, cooking utensils, and mini cookers), vacuum cleaners, and storage & organisers contributed the most sales in the Home & Living category.

Nivea, Sunsilk, Pantene, COSRX, and Garnier were the best-selling Health & Beauty products on Lazada. Specifically, customers purchased cleansing gels, hair treatments, soaps, and lotions were mostly bought at the Guardian’s brand store.

In the Groceries & Pets category, customers mainly bought essentials such as instant noodles & drinks, snacks, washing liquid, and milk powder for their households.

Toys for toddlers and children were the popular items in Toys & Hobbies category. At the same time, fashion accessories, lingerie, socks, and tudung were the most frequently purchased items in the Women’s Fashion category.

Lazada Indonesia

Health & Beauty Partners earned more conversions when they recommended cleansing gels, serums, and facial masks for their audience. 

Boosters, floor mats for bathrooms, storage & organisers, and mini cookers drove more sales in the Home & Living category.

Men’s and women’s most popular fashion items were casual tops, bottoms, blouses, and dresses.

In the Electronics category, customers preferred to buy mobile phones at Samsung and vivo e-commerce stores. Customers looked for affordable Lenovo & ASUS laptops and USB cables.

Lazada Philippines

Customers purchased the most-converting items in the Home & Living category: kitchen appliances, pillowcases, cordless vacuum cleaners, and storage & organisers.

For Health & Beauty category, lip glosses, mascaras, foam cleansers, and hand creams boosted sales in 2022.

Lingerie, tops & pants for home and casual outings were ideal OOTDs for customers in the Philippines.

Customers preferred to buy affordable laptops for work and study at Lenovo and smartphones at realme and Oppo brand stores. Customers also purchased USB cables at Lazada.

Lazada Thailand

Partners earned conversions from recommending kitchen appliances, storage & organisers, and bedding for living spaces.

Casual tops, pants & lingerie drove the most sales in the General Fashion category.

Imported snacks, instant drinks, and healthy breakfast items were the most frequently purchased products for Groceries & Pets.

In Electronics Accessories, Partners’ followers bought audio speakers & earphones, mobile phone screen protectors, and USB memory sticks.

Customers purchased facial masks, facial cleansers, nail polishes, and eyebrow pencils for their daily skincare and makeup routines.

Lazada Singapore

Customers did their groceries at redmart, which provides better accessibility and convenience as there are not many physical stores near their area. Instant tea & coffee, imported snacks, and healthy breakfast items (including granolas and nut spreads) drove the highest conversions.

Beddings, kitchen utensils & appliances, and storage & organisers contributed the most sales in the Home & Living category.

Customers bought skincare products, fake nail art, manicure sets, and double eyelid stickers on Lazada.

USB cables, chargers, and mobile phone holders were the most popular electronic accessories for work and home. Customers also look for affordable mobile phones and laptops.

Plush toys, fidget sensory toys, and party balloons were the most popular toys in the Toys & Hobbies category.

Lazada Vietnam

Partners earned conversions from pillowcases, cushions, kitchen appliances, and robot vacuum cleaners in the Home & Living category.

Beauty enthusiasts bought facial masks and 3CE makeup items on Lazada.

Instant coffee, snacks, and cleaning supplies were the most frequently purchased items in the Groceries & Pets category.

Customers purchased fashionable tops, lingerie, and accessories in the Women’s Fashion category.

Customers preferred to buy USB cable chargers, portable tripods for smartphones, and Samsung & oppo smartphones.


In 2022, customers from all six countries did online shopping in the Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Groceries & Pets, and Electronics categories.

Based on these data, Publishers can identify the best-selling products from these categories and promote them to their followers, enabling them to drive conversions and sales at Advertisers’, including Lazada, e-commerce platforms.

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