3 Ways to Get Your Travel Posts to Standout

Did you know that the travel industry continues to be one of the fastest-growing in the world? Yes, this is even through the COVID-19 pandemic, and now as more countries are opening back up, it’s growing even faster.

Hence it’s a great time to consider starting a travel vlogging!

If you’re someone who likes to travel and you’d like to access the travel audience, here’s how you can start creating content for your next travel destination.

3 Tips For Creating Good Travel Content

Travel vlogging is the best way to share your experiences, inspire others to do the same, and earn a living. 

But what other factors should be considered to build a successful travel channel? 

Here are 3 tips for creating amazing travel content to get your followers hooked:

  1. Determine your target audience, whether they enjoy backpacking, luxury travel, or travelling with family
  2. Create a content strategy flow before you travel to highlight what you want to show and share with your audience
  3. Find out who your competitors are so your content can stand out and attract many loyal audiences

If you’re still unsure how to go about this, let’s look at these examples of travel vloggers who share their experiences at popular tourist destinations throughout Southeast Asia:

See How Influencers Create Travel Content

Travel influencers are usually people who post pictures and videos of their journeys, sharing behind-the-scenes looks at their trips. 

They use multiple platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and websites, and the most successful influencers frequently populate a niche.

Here’s an example of an influencer named Fikri ZamRi who created one of his travel content focusing on his target audience and where it’s ideal for a family vacation.

Fikri ZamRi

Subscribers: 221K

Fikri ZamRi is a well-known Malaysian YouTuber who makes honest travel videos to encourage people to travel within Malaysia.

In this video, he explains why Pulau Pangkor and Marina Island are ideal for a family vacation.

He also convinces his audience that this is a must-go destination because many activities are available for people of all ages.

An example of how he inserted his Involve affiliate link on his description box

Having a large audience also means that he can use it to monetise his channel. One way to accomplish this is to promote the Involve link on his channel to earn commissions.

Therefore, if you enjoy exploring places with your family, Fikri is an excellent resource to follow before starting your travel channel.


Followers: 2585K

amanihlm is a TikTok content creator from Indonesia who mostly shares her experience travelling in her own country.

In this example, she thoroughly shares her solo travel journey from Bandung to Lombok, where she took a train & ferry to her destination. 

She’s also very good at utilising the way TikTok content is consumed, as she divided her Bandung to Lombok content into two videos.

Her content strategy flows well, as she first captured her audience’s attention with the first travel video. Then she shared her 22 hours of experience on a ferry trip to Lombok in the second video:


Replying to @Ola Sesa part 2 niiih! part seharian di kapal🤣 jadii sebetulnya aku ke Lombok untuk charity project pembangunan rumah bacaa #fyp #solotravel #solotravelwoman #kmkirana7 #accidentalyinlove #viralditiktok

♬ Accidentally in Love (From “Shrek 2”) – Countdown Singers

amanihlm is great at keeping her audience hooked, and this time around, she mentioned that her TikTok content is for a charity project where she also gets to travel.

Because she received 369.9K views on her first TikTok video, she could use this opportunity to earn a commission by recommending travel products and services that she used in her next video, comment section, or even her profile bio.

That’s an example of a good content flow. So, let’s move on and see the last example of how to analyse your competitors so that you can attract loyal audiences:

Raf Adventure

Followers: 146K

Rafael Garcia is a Filipino TikTok content creator. He’s gained a following by capturing the beauty of his homeland in short videos.

His competitors are primarily locals from his country doing similar videos. So what he did was double down on his passion for exploring nature.

In this example, he inserted clips of beautiful places he recorded on the island to give his followers solid reasons why they should visit Palawan.

His TikTok content is very cinematic, and he is an expert at finding hidden gems all over the Philippines. This helps differentiate his content from everyone else.

Promoting an affiliate link where he can share travel airline destinations with his audience to monetise from his TikTok channel is a great idea.

How Can You Earn As a Travel Affiliate?

If you wish to become a travel affiliate, there are a few ways to earn your commission!

Some people make money by sharing flight itineraries, while others earn from reviewing places they’ve stayed or doing activities.

This can come from doing reviews, recommendations, or even travel tips. You don’t have to be a travel expert or have been to every corner of the world to become an affiliate. Everyone’s looking for new travel stories and if you get these 3 things right, you’ll be successful.

Just be passionate about travelling and share your passion with others!

Ready to start getting your first commissions as a travel affiliate? Sign up as an Involve partner today.

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