How to Promote Your Involve Affiliate Links on Facebook

You don’t need to have your own website or blog to do Affiliate Marketing. Having a Facebook page is good enough for you to publish your content and promote your Affiliate links.

In this article, we are going to provide tips on how to promote your Involve Affiliate links on Facebook which will drive traffic and gain earnings.

Start Your Facebook Strategy Right

Here’s the flow of how you can earn money online with Involve Asia:

  1. Your awesome content either entertains or educates your reader about a certain product
  2. Some of your audience will click on your Involve links attached to your content
  3. Some of them will purchase through your links & you’ll earn an Affiliate commission

People online won’t click on your Involve links without reason. The best way to persuade your audience to click on your Involve links is by creating product review content.

How to Use Facebook Content to Promote Your Involve Links

Facebook typically works very well with images & videos. Your posts must have:

  1. Short and concise copy about the Offers that you are promoting
  2. Highlight discounts and promo details
  3. Call to Action: Include your Involve links in your content

Here are three examples on how you insert links for various types of content for maximum conversions:

1. Single Image

Insert your Involve link into the call to action of your Facebook post. Let’s take a look at how Philip promotes his Involve links in his Malaysia Promotions MY page:

Malaysia Promotions MY Facebook Post

In his post about the Lazada 9 x After Sale Party, he added his Involve link into the call to action which encouraged his followers to go to that site and get limited time vouchers.

Most importantly, make your Involve link noticeable in your post so that your readers will know where to purchase the products or service you recommended.

2. Carousel Image 

Carousel Image lets you show 2 – 5 images within a post. Each image has its own headline, description, link and call to action. In other words, you have more opportunities to insert your Involve links!

Carousel images are great to showcase different benefits & features of a product into bite size pieces for the consumer. 

Let’s take a look at a live example:

Shopping Deals Carousel Images in Facebook post

Shopping Deals has chosen images to promote the Redmi 9T smartphone.

  1. Carousel image 1: Displays the phone’s price
  2. Carousel image 2: Shows phone specs
  3. Carousel image 3: Features the top-selling phone brands ranking to enhance the brand’s image 

In this case, using the carousel images make a lot of sense because you can explain more about the product visually.

Included Involve links in one of Shopping Deals’ Facebook post

Shopping Deals inserted the Involve links in the caption, added the ‘Shop Now’ button and had the last image that encourages the followers to view more products at the designated site. The ‘Shop Now’ URL is the same as your Involve link so that they don’t lose any conversions.

Include your Involve links that are clickable for your readers to browse and purchase your recommended products or services.

3. Videos

Oppa Sharing shows how to set up Philips Wiz Smart Lighting at home

Facebook videos help to improve reach and engagement with your followers. 

But Facebook doesn’t like external links. It is better to upload your videos straight into Facebook instead of sharing YouTube links in your Facebook posts. 

Keep it short and sweet to capture the attention of browsers. Your videos should ideally be a minute to maximum 5 minutes. Upload longer videos on YouTube. 

Making product reviews is a great way to communicate with your followers as they would like to know your opinions before they make purchases.

Here’s how the editors of Saving Kaki made product reviews about hygiene:

Saving Kaki reviewed hygiene items from Eco Shop (Facebook Video)

They introduce each item which is worth just RM2.10 followed by sharing their opinions on whether it is worth it or a waste of money. 

At the end of the video, they ask their viewers to click on their link to purchase the items.

They mentioned that they included their Involve link in the comment section.

Once you have uploaded your video and images to Facebook and added your Involve links, the next step is to promote your content.

How to Promote Your Content

There are two ways to promote your content on Facebook: organically & paid. Let’s go over the first one:

1. Organic Facebook Reach

Freebies Land Malaysia included Involve Link for followers so they can get exclusive Ramadan vouchers

Organic reach means that Facebook finds your content to be useful to other users, and therefore would promote your content to Facebook browsers. 

Here’s what you can do to increase your organic Facebook reach:

  • Look at your stats of when you viewers are most active. For example, if you see them active between 12 pm to 3 pm, then that’s the best time to post
  • Be consistent. Upload one to two posts per week.
  • Ask your followers to turn on the notifications so they will know that you have uploaded  your Facebook post.
  • Respond to each comment.
  • Respect others and don’t spam.

However, organic reach takes time to build, which is why we recommend you to pay for ads.

2. Paid Facebook Reach

MY Great Sales used FB Ads to promote Lazada and Shopee 4.4 Sales

Buying ads helps to expand your reach to new audiences which you can’t reach organically on Facebook. The more people see your content with Involve links, the more people click on these links and eventually purchase items at the designated websites.

Two things to get right when paying for ads to promote your content:

  • Audience – Select your audience based on the type of content you created. For example, if you want to promote Body Shop Tea Tree Oil. So you would want to reach out to females, between 15 – 35 years old.
  • Budget – You can start with a minimum of RM 250 for 2 weeks. Spread your budget over a month to see which ads work and which didn’t.

It takes time to see the consistent result but you will later see more traffic and earnings coming in than organic posts on Facebook.

To know more details about buying ads on Facebook, read our comprehensive article.

Generate Your Involve Links Now

Now that you know how to promote your Involve links on Facebook, it’s time to generate your Involve links!

Watch the video below to see a step-by-step process on how to promote a laptop sold on Shopee your Facebook audience.

Find more details about how to generate your Involve links here.

Head over to your dashboard and find the Offers to promote on Facebook.