4 Content Secrets to Increase Your Involve Conversions

Affiliate Marketing allows you to earn online by recommending products or services to your audience or followers. 

If you’re new to Affiliate Marketing with Involve, you might see that your promotions are getting clicks but not so many conversions.

From our experience, the top reason you’re getting low conversions from your clicks is that your recommendations are not convincing enough.

Don’t worry, in this article. We’ll walk you through how to increase your conversion rate by creating better quality content. 

Let’s start with the first suggestion:

Create a Neutral Yet Convincing Product Review

A good product review helps the viewer decide if the product is what they need. 

Here are some important elements of a quality review:

  • Give a neutral review: When doing product reviews, avoid being biased and instead be honest and fair.
  • List the pros & cons of the product: Explain to your audience how the product is beneficial in real-world scenarios.
  • Tell a Story: Use this formula: At first, I thought this product was [your opinion], but after using it [your experience], I completely changed my mind.

Here is an example for people who want to review skin care products:

A skincare review requires in-depth knowledge about the ingredients, types of skin, and how the product works on different skin types.

Here’s how Dr. Ingkey, an aesthetic dermatologist, creates a convincing video review.

Dr. Ingkey is a trustworthy source for skin care product reviews. So, his audience will feel like they are signing up for a free skincare consultation when they watch this video.

On the Skynfx YouTube channel, he reviews the Hada Labo sunscreen and addresses some of the issues that people with dull skin may face daily.

He begins the video review by discussing a common problem that people with dull skin face.

Then, he offers a solution by describing the product he recommends and demonstrates how to apply it.

The fact that a dermatologist has approved the product will encourage buyers to buy the recommendation and likely increase conversions.

That’s an example of how you can write a neutral yet convincing review. Next, let’s look at the following suggestion for getting more conversions:

Comparison Tables Help Your Audience Decide

A comparison table is an excellent way to assist your audience in making a decision – by comparing similar products from different brands all at once.

A comparison table aims to help your audience compare the products easily without spending time doing manual research.

Here’s an example of how medCPU compares the differences between products, such as a gaming laptop and a MacBook Pro:

In this example, medCPU compares features that gamers care about, such as battery life & gaming performance.

If you’re in the market for a new gaming laptop but aren’t sure which one to acquire, this table will come in handy. medCPU included both laptop features to help his audience narrow their options according to their needs.

This comparison table will not only help his readers make informed decision-making, but it will also help him convert more sales.

So, try to help potential buyers make a buying decision, so they don’t have to do the research themselves.

Add Images or Videos to Your Recommendations

As a content creator, you should use images or videos to convince your audience to click on your recommendation.

Since humans are also known as “visual beings,” it is easier for them to digest appealing images rather than textual explanations.

Here is an example of how @nrlftiha from TikTok promotes a product from Shopee on her TikTok account.

@Nrlftha posts a TikTok video of a dress she purchased from Shopee. She used trendy music to attract her audience & to improve engagement. 

Most of her customers are women who like to wear modest clothes that are less exposing.

From her point of view, she convinces her audience that the outfit is appealing by discussing its details, such as how comfy it is.

Upon request from her audience, she shot another video of herself wearing the dress in different settings so they could picture themselves in it.

She tells her audience to click on the link in her bio to buy the outfit in the comment section. Hence, this approach will entice more people to visit her profile and buy her recommendation.

Last but not least, don’t forget to include a call-to-action at the end of your credit:

Remind Your Audience to Click on Your Links

CTAs or Call-to-Actions are essential to let your audience know what to do next. It’s also an appealing feature that can help you boost your conversion rate. 

So throughout your review (start, middle & end), remind your audience to click on your links to purchase your recommendations.

Here’s how Bull Gadget, a tech channel on YouTube, makes a product comparison and addresses his audience to buy the product through his affiliate link:

Bull Gadget often talks about the latest smartphones released in Malaysia on his YouTube channel. 

This video review focuses on Honor 50 Lite & Oppo A95, two smartphones priced below RM1000.

He reviews these two affordable smartphones by comparing the phone display, camera, body, design, battery life, and price.

In his explanations, he also provides his personal opinion on why he thinks one product is better than another.

Before he ends his video, he tells his audience to click on the link in the description to learn more about the two smartphones. 

Therefore, he will earn a commission if people click on his affiliate links and buy his recommendations.

We hope this information will help new affiliate marketers increase conversions and master product review skills. 

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