How Mother & Baby Brand Earned 12% Growth in Sales Through Involve Loyalty Partners

In the digital age, expectant mothers & babies look for affordable essentials (such as diapers and milk powder) through seamless online e-commerce platforms with great accessibility.

In five years, the revenue for the baby food market in Southeast Asia is expected to grow annually by 6.4% (Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for 2022 – 2027). 

Here’s how Involve initiated strategies to boost one of the popular mother & baby brands’ sales and build collaborations with affiliate Partners with niche audiences in 12 months.

Increased 12% Growth for Sales in 12 Months

Within 12 months, Loyalty Partners at Involve brought significant growth in traffic to the Advertiser’s e-commerce platform and sales throughout the monthly peak promotions.

Advertiser earned 12% sales growth with 10x clicks to its e-commerce platform due to top-performing Partners recommending exciting deals with promo codes, vouchers, and cashback.

The exclusive rewards for Loyalty Partners’ audiences drove an increased number of new customers and repeat purchases of baby milk powder, leading to a higher order value with a 10% conversion rate.

Collaborating with Loyalty Partners

Loyalty Partners’ audience was reward-driven when shopping online, so Advertiser’s products with promo codes, discounts, gifts, and samples aligned with their target audience.

Advertiser pursued higher order value through repeated purchases made by new & existing customers during non-peak and peak sales periods.

Loyalty Partners across Southeast Asia at Involve picked up on pushing Advertiser’s products and promotions with cashback, vouchers, and promo codes to their credible audiences.

These Partners who have traffic in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore can earn up to 7% commission when their audiences shop for products with rewards on their websites.

Advertiser and Involve Loyalty Partners’ collaboration built Advertiser’s exposure on the loyalty platforms and impacted its sales growth.

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Promoting Peak Period Campaigns

Advertiser actively featured double-date, payday, and birthday sales campaigns on Involve Partners’ dashboard & weekly EDMs.

Involve Partners were provided with specific campaign mechanics (exclusive promo codes & limited-time gifts based on the minimum spend at Advertiser’s website) and visual banners.

Dedicated Account Managers contacted potential Loyalty Partners who might be interested in promoting Advertiser’s top-converting promotions on their platforms.

Expanding Collaboration with Loyalty Partners

Advertiser will continue to optimise the current Involve partnership to reach more Loyalty Partners.

The brand will reach out to Loyalty Partners based in Singapore and the Philippines to provide them with opportunities to feature Advertiser’s products on their platforms.

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