5 Realistic Ways Malaysians Make Money Online

Looking for online side hustles to help pay your bills?

Look no further! We’ve listed 5 realistic ways to make money online where you can earn between RM1,000 to RM10,000 ($ 237 to $ 2,370) monthly.

All you need to get started is a smartphone, a laptop, and a good internet connection. Chances are, whatever you have right now will do.

Let’s start:

Make Money by Answering Surveys

It’s simple! All you have to do is to join a paid survey site and answer the surveys. You will earn money online in exchange for your participation.

Most of the companies seek people like you for opinions to help improve products & services and figure out how to market to the audience.

Here are some sites for you to join and answer the surveys:

The more active you are in sharing your views on the surveys, the more money you will earn in return.

Make Money by Selling Photographs and Videos

Monetise your photo taking and video making skills by selling your creative works online for various media such as print publications and websites.

You will earn money as your passive income online when people pay a fee for license to the use of your works.

Sell your photographs and videos at these third-party websites which are quick, easy and affordable to upload them:

Think about what kind of photos and videos that people will use for their projects. All-round photos and videos, especially those with people in them, are one of the most popular searches on these websites.

Somewhere down the line, people will start to notice your amazing work and you will be contacted by companies to take part in their creative projects.

Make Money by Delivering Food and Goods

The demand for delivery people is increasing as customers are constantly ordering items online due to their busy schedule and want minimise their time in running errands.

Take this opportunity to earn money online by making deliveries in your local area.

Applying to be a delivery driver doesn’t require academic skills. You just need a well-maintained car or bike, time management, and great driving and navigation skills.

Here is a list of companies to apply as delivery drivers.

Make Money by Reviewing Products for Your Followers

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make reviews about your favorite products and promote them to your followers online. You will earn a commission when your followers buy the products you recommended through your affiliate link.

Promoting ‘Cost per Unique Click’ (CPUC) promotions is the easiest way to earn money online as you will drive traffic to the brands’ websites, giving you earnings when your followers ‘click’ on your affiliate link.

Get started with signing up as Affiliate Marketer (Publisher) at Involve where you will find about 500 affiliate programs to promote your favourite brands on your reviews.

Create reviews about your favourite products on Shopee and Lazada as many people mostly purchase their items from these sites.

7 things to keep in mind for creating product reviews:

  • Know what your followers want
  • Know about the products inside and out
  • Be unbiased and objective
  • Share your experience with the products
  • List down the pros and cons of the products
  • Mention technical information
  • Provide suggestions on using products

The next step is to have your own niche or personal branding page (such as blog, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok) where your followers can find your reviews about the products.

Here are some examples of Publishers creating content for their followers:

Example 1: Tech Website

J wrote a review about ASUS Zenbook 13 OLED UX325 for AXO, a website that publishes daily news and reviews about tech gadgets.

He mentions the ASUS laptop’s features which readers are looking for – design, OLED screen, battery life and laptop performance – and his opinion about whether they should purchase it or not.

He includes the affiliate links at the end of the article where followers can click on them to purchase the latest ASUS laptop at Shopee and Lazada.

Example 2: Beauty TikTok

(Source: carittaa)

TikTok beauty influencer, carittaa did a short video on HOLIKA HOLIKA Honey Royalactin products.

Not only she highlights the products’ ingredients, she demonstrates its texture and use of products which is good for dry and dehydrated skin.

She asks her followers to click the link in her profile where they will find the link to purchase these recommended products.

Example 3: Finance YouTube

Talks about Involve Asia Referral Program (Source: Weng Honn)

Online marketing guru, Weng Honn promotes Involve Asia Referral Program to his followers and encourages them to join as Publishers at Involve.

He explains about what Involve is and how Involve helps followers to earn money online with affiliate marketing.

He lets his followers know that his link to sign up as Publisher is in the description.

Read his success story where he talks about how he receives income by providing tips & tricks for making money online here.

Make Money by Doing Online Gigs

Be your own boss, pursue your passion and make use of your talented skills by doing freelance work, from short-term projects to long-term projects, that you can earn money online. 

You have the control on doing the projects you want to work on and choosing the clients you want to work with. You also have the flexibility to where you work at any hours you prefer. The money you earn depends on your skill level, experience and quality of work.

There are many companies hiring freelancers, based on specialised skills which are ideal for the projects. Content marketing & writing, graphic design and video editing are some of the fields where freelancers earn money online from.

Here are a couple of sites where you can find online gigs:

Wrapping it Up

There you have it. These are 5 realistic ways to make money online at the comfort of your home. Identify and improve your skills so you will be able to take on more projects and earn more money online.

If you love to review products and are interested in doing affiliate marketing, click on the button below to sign up as a Publisher at Involve.