Household Marketplace: 81% Increased Sales via Targeted Involve Campaigns

Advertiser wanted to increase its brand exposure and awareness in the e-commerce market. Reaching out to new & existing customers in the digital space further boosted sales of home & living items.

In partnership with Involve, Advertiser took strategic approaches in connecting with affiliate Partners and sharing up-to-date campaigns via our seamless Involve dashboard.

Understanding Home & Living Consumer Trends

Advertiser identified the consumer behaviours of purchasing home & living items online while considering the following aspects:

  • Type of products purchased – wall stickers, tool boxes, cleaning detergent, LED lights, shelf organisers
  • Type of promotions – discounts, voucher codes, bundle deals
  • Type of content written by Partners – product reviews & social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and websites

On the Involve dashboard, Advertiser viewed Partners’ performance via their Partner Directory and Performance Report.

Learn how to align your campaigns with Partners’ promotions & connect with potential affiliate Partners.

After compiling these consumer insights, Advertiser created an ongoing “New Arrivals” campaign in which they feature monthly products Partners can recommend to their target audience online.

Advertiser gave an upsized commission of 3.5% to Involve Partners whenever the customers purchase items at Advertiser website via their affiliate links.

Informing Partners via Internal Communication

Involve actively informed Partners about Advertiser’s campaign & upsized commissions through the following communication channels:

  • Featured Offer listing
  • Weekly EDMs
  • Pop-ups
  • Dashboard banner

Involve also featured Advertiser’s campaign during the Deals Bonus Bonanza where affiliate Partners get extra bonuses (up to RM5585) during Payday and 3.3 Sales.

Dedicated Involve account managers passed details about Advertiser’s campaign & upsized commission to high-performing affiliate Partners.

81% Sales Growth in Three Months

From January 2022 to March 2022, more than 1,000 Partners promoted Advertiser on their content and highlighted the must-have home & living items to purchase at Advertiser’s website.

The following type of Partners drove an 81% increase in sales with a return on investment (ROI) of 21.

  • Ad network
  • Coupons & loyalty websites
  • Content creators
  • Influencers

Partners strategically promoting specific home & living items to their audience drove 12x clicks to Advertiser’s website, leading to earning more with upsized commissions from a 54% increase in sales conversions.

With upsized commission, Advertiser gave 75% more payout to Involve Partners.

Optimising Campaigns to Build Brand Exposure

Advertiser continues optimising its campaigns with voucher codes and key promotions on specific product categories to increase Involve Partners’ participation in promoting home & living items on their platforms.

For example, Involve featured Advertiser’s campaigns on Involve’s internal communication channels where customers can enjoy discounts up to 30% Off on selected products, using Advertiser exclusive voucher codes.

Based on the above performance in January 2022 – March 2022, Involve account managers are reaching out to ad networks, coupon & loyalty websites, content creators, and influencers interested in collaborating with Advertiser.

Build Your Brand Exposure at Involve

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