How Jan Angelo Earns More by Keeping it Authentic with His Audience

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to earn a living doing what you love at home? That’s exactly how Jan Angelo makes money from reviewing skincare products in the comfort of his bedroom and posting them on his YouTube channel.

I had the fantastic opportunity to interview Jan. Here’s his story:

How Jan Got Started Reviewing Skincare Products

Jan started his YouTube channel last year during the quarantine period of the COVID-19 pandemic. He realised that there aren’t any content creators in the Philippines focused specifically on the science that goes behind skincare.

“I am a huge skincare buff, and I realized that there aren’t as many skincare content creators in the Philippines that really go into the science of it,” Jan says.

“I decided to create content on YouTube to help those who are maybe lost or new to the world of skincare. I wanted to make content that helps them determine what’s best for them, all in a casual, easy-to-digest format. People turned out to appreciate this!”

In his videos, Jan sets himself apart by covering angles that are typically not mentioned in casual skincare review videos, such as:

  • The importance of daily UV protection, regardless of routine
  • Different product recommendation for various types of skin

Today, he has over 70,000+ subscribers on YouTube! Creating unique content pays off!

Earning Through Involve Asia Vs. Getting Product Sponsorships

Using Involve Asia is a good way to earn money from online content. Jan mentions that many content creators depend on brand sponsorships to earn money online “While it’s an effective way, Affiliate Marketing is much more flexible and allows for creating more authentic content,” he adds.

Getting sponsorship is great and all, but it’s not his preferred method because:

  • New content creators often get sponsored by new brands that are hard to sell.
  • For sponsored content, some brands limit the creator to say online positive things about the product, which will sound biased and not authentic.

As Involve Asia connects Publishers like Jan to multiple top brands, it is very easy for him to be able to choose and promote different skincare products from multiple brands in the Philippines in one convenient platform like this below:

Many Beauty Offers Jan can promote from the Involve Asia Publisher Dashboard

Unbiased reviews create trust with his audience and they come to his channel to learn about the real honest truth of a product. By adding his Involve Asia links in his YouTube descriptions, these are easier for viewers to purchase the product if they feel that this product is what they want.

Involve Asia link added in the description of his YouTube video, REAL-TALK REVIEW: Face Republic

If any of Jan’s viewers clicks on his Affiliate links and makes a purchase, he will receive a commission percentage of that sale, at no additional cost to the buyer. This whole process is called Affiliate Marketing.

His favourite video that he is most proud of

Jan does differently when it comes to selecting Offers to promote on his videos. He says, “Because it is a testament to how flexible Involve Asia platform is. It works seamlessly with the content that I create.” For any content that he creates, he can virtually create affiliate links for almost all the products that are available on Shopee, Lazada and Watsons on the Involve Asia platform.

With AdSense, Jan receives earnings based on the number of views on videos and clicks on the ads. Yet, the rates by Advertiser are varied with an average at $0.18 per view. Having to build a traffic to his YouTube channel and gain earnings via YouTube Ads isn’t easy for him. Therefore, having Affiliate Marketing provides him a “safety net” to invest back into his YouTube channel. Currently, with Jan’s audience size, he is able to make around 3,000 conversions easily each month.

Knowing What Works – With Involve’s Performance Report

Using the performance report, Jan is able to see all the conversions that he has generated. From that report, he can also pinpoint which promotions and which content did well.

Like a lot of new content creators starting out, Jan didn’t have any solid strategy starting out. He just started to promote a few Offers through his content he thinks his audience would genuinely like and benefit. He would then see how it would do in the performance report. He noticed that the Offers from Lazada, Shopee and Watsons Offers were the best-performing, so he decided to focus on promoting these more.

His video review strategy is simple: Be authentic. He only recommends products and generates links for them that truly aligned with his intention of making videos with credibility. He ensures that his videos benefit his viewers. He shared that he realised if he takes his recommendations seriously, naturally, his audience would consider purchasing the products more.

Involve Asia Gives Jan New Content Ideas & New Income Streams

Involve Asia helps Jan learn more about Affiliate Marketing and be updated with the latest e-commerce platforms.

His account manager, Mitchell Wong assists Jan with any queries and concerns about Affiliate Marketing and e-commerce. He says, “It’s good to have detailed responses to the questions that I have and get to know what they offer so I know there if there is anything that I can promote on my YouTube channel and Instagram.”

In his opinion, Affiliate Marketing is a gateway to earn consistent side income from your online content. With affiliate links, content creators will have a good relationship with their audience. “It’s a way for them to say “I support you because I like your content.”,” he shares. “You should take advantage of maximising the platform for Affiliate Marketing in content creation.”

Key Takeaway

  1. Define a direction: Pick a topic that you love to talk about non-stop
  2. Build an audience: Create unique content that adds value to your readers
  3. Insert your Links: Into your content & persuade your audience to click on them
  4. Be Consistent: Keep creating content that works!
  5. Profit: Rinse & Repeat

Ready to be a YouTube rockstar and cash out your passion like Jan? Log in to your dashboard and see exciting new Offers that you can start to promote: 

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