Earn Affiliate Income Easier with the New Involve Partner Dashboard

Publishers, Content Creators & Influencers!

We’re making it easier for you to promote Offers, Campaigns and earn Affiliate income with Involve, with the new and improved Publisher dashboard.

The new Publisher dashboard is officially rolling out to all Publishers on the 30th of September.

To summarize, here are the 5 significant improvements to the new Publisher dashboard that will benefit you as a Publisher:

1. Clearer dashboard layout – See important metrics without scrolling or clicking
2. See live Campaigns, Offers & their details without ever leaving the dashboard.
3. Grab your Affiliate links in 2 clicks.
4. See your performance at a glance: Get invaluable insights on your marketing efforts.
5. Know who your account manager is and make it easy for you to contact him/her (selected Publishers).

That’s a lot of improvements! Let’s go over the first one:

Improvement 1: Scroll Less – Clearer Dashboard Layout

Once you have logged into the new Publisher dashboard, you can see all essential metrics without scrolling down or clicking on anything:

SECTION 1: Shortcuts to links that you will use the most:

1. Adding a new property: If you want to register a new property to earn Affiliate Income.
2. Create Deeplink: Grab your Affiliate link
3. Find Advertiser: Find brands, Offers, and Campaigns to promote
4. Reports: See your Affiliate marketing performance
5. My Account: Update your account and payment details

SECTION 2: Your Account Manager: For selected Publishers, you can see who is your dedicated account manager and easily contact him or her if you need help with recommending relevant Offers or Campaigns.

SECTION 3: Live Campaigns and Offers Feed: See all the live brands, Offers, and Campaigns that you can promote to earn Affiliate Income.

SECTION 4: Withdraw: See how much you can withdraw from your Affiliate Marketing earnings.

SECTION 5: Statistics: See your performance, clicks, conversions, and earnings that you’re generating from your marketing efforts.

We’ll cover each section in detail later in the following sections. Let’s move on to the next improvement:

Improvement 2: Less Clicks – See Campaigns & Offers Directly on Your Dashboard

When you log into your new Publisher dashboard, you will see the live Offer & Campaign feed front and center. All the information will be available to you at a glance.

With 1 click on any Offer or Campaign, you can see in a pull-down menu:
1. The Campaign and Offer details
2. Ready-made banners (if available)
3. Link to grab your Affiliate link

You’ll have all the information you need without ever leaving the dashboard. The Fewer clicks you have to do, the faster you can promote and earn Affiliate income.

Nice! Let’s move on to the next improvement:

Improvement 3: Generate Your Affiliate Link in 2 Clicks

Let’s say you already know what to promote and want to quickly grab your Affiliate link for that particular product or service.

We moved the ‘Deeplink Generator’ link into your shortcuts on the left side of the dashboard, so you can generate your Affiliate link within 2 clicks:

1. On the left-hand side, under shortcuts, click on ‘Create Deeplink.
2. Paste the product URL from the Advertiser (i.e., a product from Lazada)
3. Copy your generated Affiliate link & start promoting. It’s that simple!

Improvement 4: Stats – See How You’re Doing at a Glance

On the right side of the new Publisher dashboard, you can see your Affiliate Marketing performance and how much you can currently withdraw from your earnings:


See your Affiliate Marketing performance at a glance:

1. How many clicks are you getting
2. How many of those clicks convert
3. What is your sale amount from the conversion
4. How much are your estimated earnings


See how much you can withdraw from your approved clicks and conversions.

Improvement 5: Need Help or Recommendations? Contact Your Account Manager

For selected Publishers: If you have generated enough income through Involve Asia, a dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to you. You will be able to find his or her contact information on the left side of the dashboard:

Insider Scoop: If you have an Account Manager, build a good relationship with him or her and you might be the first to know about new Offers and Campaigns and even product sponsorships.

Wrapping Up the New Publisher Dashboard Improvements

The completely overhauled Publisher dashboard by Involve is designed to make your job as a Publisher easier with fewer steps to see Offers & Campaigns and to generate Affiliate links.

To sign in to your new Publisher dashboard, please the button below:

If you don’t have a Publisher account with Involve yet, register one here.

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