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To give you an overview of how we do it, we will walk you through how Lazada Malaysia increased their revenues with Partners at Involve.

Tapping into Influencer and KOL marketing

Lazada Malaysia, an E-commerce platform offering a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a broad product offering range, has been trying to connect with Influencers and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to promote their brand and attribute the effectiveness of these Influencers and KOLs.

Affiliate marketing was an untapped source of media for Lazada Malaysia.

So Involve organised and planned an Influencer and KOL activation initiative for Lazada Malaysia. At Involve’s platform, Lazada Malaysia only had 9% of Partners, categorised as Influencer and KOL Partners.

Our main objectives are

  • Optimise and grow Lazada’s e-commerce sales & brand awareness to Influencers and KOLs in Southeast Asia
  • Increase Partner participation on a marketplace platform

This campaign ran from July 2020 to July 2021. It is currently evolving and optimising to date. Involve only charges clients based on performance so there was no specific budget for this campaign.

Creating Offers for Influencers and KOL

We set up Lazada for KOL and Lazada for Content Creator Offer under Lazada Malaysia’s Advertiser brand into the Involve platform that served two purposes:

  • Attract potential KOLs and Influencers to promote Lazada Malaysia
  • Provide a clear-cut strategic Affiliate direction, specifically for this Partner category

We assisted Lazada Malaysia, Influencers and KOLs in the following stages.

Onboarding Influencer and KOL Partners

New and existing Influencer and KOL Partners were invited to sign up for these Offers to influence an untapped market of online shoppers to use Lazada Malaysia’s E-commerce platform.

These Partners would be getting up to 90% more commission on specific shopping categories from Lazada Malaysia’s new special Offers. Any shopping purchases were tracked on Web, Mobile and App platforms.

They learned about the benefits of these special Lazada Offers through a series of informative welcome emails, Partner FAQ guides, informative blog articles and introductory videos.

We matched Lazada Malaysia with ideal Partners based on the top-performing categories. Partners’ performances were determined by engagement rates, followers’ demographics, and earned clicks & conversions. These KPIs contributed to the effectiveness of Lazada Malaysia’s campaigns.

Our Partner Account Managers ensured Influencer and KOL Partner placements for exclusive codes to boost consumer traffic through Partners’ exposures. Partner Account Managers would assist in building Partners’ capabilities in Affiliate Marketing by suggesting account recommendations, strategies and optimisation.

Campaign Communication Plan

Our dedicated Advertiser team worked closely with Lazada Malaysia to prepare campaigns in advance, including providing lists of product and brand SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and campaign mechanics for Influencer and KOL Partners. It gives Partner sufficient time to prepare any blogs, product reviews, articles, videos and social media posts for major marketing campaigns and events.

We organised special marketing campaigns alongside Lazada Malaysia’s double-digit sales campaigns (e.g. 7.7, 8.8), national celebrations (e.g. Chinese New Year, Ramadan) and universal sales events like Black Friday and Christmas.

We did this by targeting pubs based on our data – focusing on Partners with the highest propensity to promote Lazada successfully within the targeted categories.

Partners received updates about these campaigns via pop-ups and banners, appeared on the Involve Dashboard when they log in with their account. We also sent out EDMs, including onboarding emails, and published posts on our official social media platforms.

Partner Account Managers directly communicated with Partners to inform them of Lazada’s latest and ongoing campaigns and provide relevant assets for them to use for their content. 

Executing these forms of communication accordingly generated leads by directing Partners to Lazada for KOL and Lazada for Content Creator Offer pages to find out more about the campaign mechanics, download banners and generate their affiliate links

Performance Tracking and Optimisation of Partners

We used the following sales data from our top-performing Partners to optimise other Partner accounts that helped us through analysing trending products and consumer behaviour:

  • What consumers are converting on
  • Product category trends
  • Time of conversion

Lazada Malaysia and Partners were able to determine what are the best products they should promote to consumers.

Increased Lazada’s Sales 5x

Using our proprietary technology to optimise and identify ideal Partners from our base of over 120,000 Partners (July 2020), we saw a significant increase in Lazada Malaysia’s sales volumes by almost 5x from Influencer and KOL Partners while maintaining a 14x ROAS (Return On Advertiser Spend).

Through marketing campaigns and Partner account optimisations, the Sales Conversion Rate from Clicks doubled more than it originally was, which led to an almost 5x increase in Gross Sales for Lazada Malaysia. Our Partners crafted content to maximise their conversions by referring to the detailed Sales Conversion data and using their created Affiliate links.

Sales Conversions increased more than 11x due to the new Lazada for KOL and Lazada for Content Creator Offer benefits (like higher commission rates and trackable purchases on all platforms).

Lazada brand stores in MAP, which provided Partners with a broader range of brands and categories to promote while earning bonus commissions, also contributed 4.6x more clicks.

For a year, through Partner onboarding, education and account optimisations, Partner participation increased to 511%. The Sales Conversions that each Partner was able to achieve grew by almost double.

Influencers and KOLs were able to identify and promote niche brands and products to their followers through product reviews and recommendations, which increased conversion rates to 2.5x.  Planned marketing campaigns during double-digit sales, local festivities and universal shopping events provided Partners with opportunities to drive the best promotions and sales consistently within one year. 

% of Lazada Malaysia Performance from KOL and influencersJuly 2020July 2021
Gross Sales (MYR)55%81%

Click traffic in July 2021 contributed 45% from Influencers and KOLs, compared to 19% in July 2020. Sales from Influencer and KOL Partners contribute 81% of Gross Sales to Lazada Malaysia.

“Involve Asia has been a foundational partner to Lazada Malaysia’s Affiliate Program. Through Involve Asia, Lazada has been able to unlock new markets & Publishers, particularly KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), and compound the popularity of our Affiliate Program at a comfortable ROI. With its dedicated team to manage accounts from all levels, Involve Asia has made it seamless to grow and groom new businesses that are emerging in the market.”

Lazada Malaysia

Through our Influencer and KOL activation initiative, we successfully increased Lazada’s E-commerce sales by almost 5x and an average of 14x ROAS. Partner participation and growth opportunities increased to 4x for a year.

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