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Involve Automation Tools






Skill Level

7 mins


Involve products can help to automate your affiliate earnings. Scroll down & select the Partner type that is relevant to you:

Shopple is a convenient place for all your affiliate recommendations.

Plus, when you link your Shopple with your Involve account, you’ll automatically earn an affiliate commission for each recommendation that results in a sale!


For Who? Influencers, Content Creators & Website Owners
1st Problem this product solves

Convenient: 1 link to all of your affiliate recommendations. Perfect solution for TikTok & Instagram, where you can only share a link in your bio.

Also, even if you have a website but don’t want to build a recommendations page from scratch, Shopple is an excellent solution to save you web development time & money.

2nd Problem this product solvesMore Earnings: Maximize your affiliate earnings by recommending more products & keep them organized in lists. 
3rd Problem this product solvesSaves Time: Integrate Shopple with your Involve account & automatically earn from your recommendations that result in a sale.

>> Sign-Up with Shopple here.

Shoplinks is a code for your website that can automatically convert product keywords into your Involve links—eliminating almost all manual work.

Perfect for content websites with many product recommendations & listings.

For Who?

Content Websites & blogs with a lot of product recommendations

1st Problem this product solves

Income Opportunity: The script will automatically turn some product keywords into your Involve affiliate link.

2nd Problem this product solves

Convenient Set Up: All you have to do is to install the script in your website header.

Here’s how to navigate to Shoplinks from your dashboard:

Top Menu > Promotions > Shoplinks

>> Get Shoplinks Here

Involve’s Datafeed can help automate product listings & have your Involve affiliate links inserted into each listing. 

All done with minimal manual work. So you can focus more on your website business.

For Who?

Websites with many lists of affiliate products.

1st Problem this product solves

Live Product List: Automatically lists & update products on your website with minimal manual work.

2nd Problem this product solves

Affiliate Income: Automatically lists & inserts your Involve affiliate links into your listing.


Here’s how to navigate to Datafeed from your dashboard:

Top Menu > Promotions > Datafeed


>> Check out the Involve Datafeed

Do you know that content with visual banners gets
3x more clicks compared to text alone?

All Involve Partners have FREE access to a library of regularly updated, eye-catching banners. 

So you’ll never run out of graphical assets to help your promotions!

The banners typically come in different sizes to suit your placement: 

  • Square banners for social media
  • Flat banners for website footer or header
  • Tall banners for website sidebar

For Who?

All Partners: Websites, Influencers, mobile app developers

1st Problem this product solves

More Clicks: Get higher chances of clicks on your Involve links with the help of eye-catching banners & shopping coupons.

2nd Problem this product solves

Save Resources: Save time, money & resources by not having to design or pay someone to design banners for your promotions.

Here’s how to navigate to Banners & Coupons from your dashboard:

Top Menu > Promotions > Banners & Coupons


>> Ready-Made Banners & Coupons

Keep your users loyal within your ecosystem & encourage them to shop for popular brands through your custom-built Whitelabel cashback program.

Reward your users for being loyal to your Offers & simultaneously generate incremental affiliate revenue for your online business.

For Who?

Websites & Mobile apps with memberships

1st Problem this product solves        

Keep your users within your ecosystem & increase your returning traffic

2nd Problem this product solves       

Generate additional affiliate income for each referred sale through your Whitelabel cashback program

Interested to have your own custom cashback program? Inquire with our Partner Team at: [email protected] & mention that you get her contact from the ‘Involve Academy.’

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