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Scale with Paid Ads






Skill Level

4 mins


At some point in your marketing career, your organic content can only reach so many people.

Paid ads can help scale your reach to new prospects your organic content can’t.

Your affiliate promotion will only reach a small percentage of people online, and an even smaller percentage of those people will convert into sales & your affiliate commissions.

Paying for ads scales your reach instantly

Let’s take an example if you were to promote a USD100 product online with and without paid ads:

Without Paid Ads

With Paid Ads

Reach 1,000 people

Reach 100,000 people

300 clicks (30% Click-through-rates)

30,000 clicks (30% Click-through-rates)

10 Purchases (1% conversion rate)

300 Purchases (1% conversion rate)

You Earnings (15% commissions): USD 150

You Earnings (15% commissions): USD 4,500

It’s a simple numbers game. Click on our blog post for a more detailed explaination.

Below is an example to limit your ad spend per sale as a beginner:

Commission Payout from Involve Asia

7% of Sale Amount

Product Price

$ 100

Your Earnings for Referring 1 Sale (7%)

$ 7

Your targeted Ad Cost Per Conversion
(<50% of your affiliate earnings)

$ 3.5 and below

For more info, check out our blog post here.

You can buy ads from Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Propeller Ads (One of Involve’s Partners)

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