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Content Ideas from Your Conversion Report






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6 mins


This course will give you example scenarios for formulating relevant content ideas from your Conversions Report.

In this example, imagine that you’re getting conversions from promoting Nike Training Shoes on your Instagram bio.

Your Conversion Report


Converting Product (Advertiser)

Nike Training Shoes

Converting Website (Property)


Converting Content (Sub ID)

Link in bio

Nice! Here are more relevant content ideas to scale your conversions:

Ride the Instagram Reels Wave:

Instagram Reels are 15-60 second vertical videos to educate potential buyers about your product.

It is one of the best ways to get the most reach from new people who haven’t followed you yet. 

Here are some crucial elements to include in your Instagram Reels:

Reels Element

What to Include In Your Reels

Product Details

Capture as many details as possible to overcome a buyer’s purchasing objections:

  • Detailed product walkthroughs from many angles
  • How to measure your foot to pick the right size online
  • Styling guide with matching clothings


Help the potential buyer visualize the product. E.g., wear the shoes while going on a run in your neighborhood or at the gym.


Always pick trending music on Instagram to maximize your Instagram Reel’s reach to new users.

Call to Action

The buyer can’t click on Instagram Reels, so remind them to go & click on your affiliate link on your bio.

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Instagram Stories & Highlights:

Instagram Stories & Reels are similar. The table below can show the differences between the two:

Instagram Stories

Instagram Reels

Limited to 15 seconds

Limited to 90 seconds

Only share to followers

Showed to non-followers on the explore tab

Best for behind the scenes or real-time events

Best for content creation

Lifespan of 24 hours

Will be online as long as you don’t delete it

Can share external links through stickers

Can’t share external links. Must tell viewer to go to your bio

Instagram Stories’s most significant advantage over Reels is that you can share external links via Instagram Stickers. 

Without the hassle of creating more content, reshare your Reels as Stories & remind your audience to click on your link.

Next, pin your Stories as your Instagram highlights, so they’ll exist forever!

In this example, Your conversion report shows that you’ve got a few affiliate conversions from your TikTok video promoting Maggi instant noodle recipes.

Your Conversion Report


Converting Product (Advertiser)

Maggi sold on Lazada

Converting Website (Property)


Converting Content (Sub ID)

Maggi Recipe

It’s no surprise that Maggi instant noodles do well on TikTok. It’s most likely due to:

  1. Highly Relatable: Maggi instant noodles are a staple comfort food in most Asian homes.
  2. Low Price: This makes Maggi products accessible to most people.
  3. Remind your audience to click on your affiliate link in your bio.

Here are some TikTok video content ideas to further earn from your audience:

  1. Create another video where you create trending Maggi instant noodles recipes & add your own spin to the recipe.
  2. Promote Maggi with other relevant products that you can promote together (i.e., Maggi chili oil or seaweed sheets).

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Unlike Instagram, Facebook allows you to post both visual and text content at the same time.

In this example, your Conversion Report shows that you’re getting conversions from your video review on a gaming chair that you bought from Lazada:

Your Conversion Report


Converting Product (Advertiser)

Lazada (furniture)

Converting Website (Property)


Converting Content (Sub ID)

Gaming chair review video

Great, according to the example’s Conversion Report, home furnitures are converting well on Lazada. 

Below are some content ideas that you can do to further promote furniture products on Lazada:

Home Decor Content Ideas


People love pretty yet cheap home DIY projects. Share your journey on how you decorated your living room or work from home office & recommend all the products in that room.

Mention in your video that you are on a tight budget & also have minimal space at home. It will show humility and make your content much more relatable to more people in your audience. 

Most importantly, everyone likes to see a before & after to show the transformation of your DIY project and share your budget spend

Lastly, remind your audience to click on your affiliate links to make the purchase!

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In this example, let’s say you’re a tech reviewer on YouTube & you’ve created a video comparison between the iPhone 13 vs. Samsung S22.

You placed your Involve affiliate links for both products in the YouTube description & according to your Conversion Report, the iPhone 13 is converting better than the Samsung S22.


Your Conversion Report


Converting Product (Advertiser)

Shopee (Electronics)

Converting Website (Property)


Converting Content (Sub ID)

iPhone 13 review

Since your audience is very interested in the iPhone 13, promoting accessories in your next video would make sense.

Here are some relevant accessories that should potentially convert well with iPhone lovers:

  1. The latest iPhone 13 cases & screen protectors
  2. The AirPods
  3. Powerbanks
  4. Fast chargers

We hope these have been inspirational. Log into your Involve dashboard to start promoting:

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