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Find Trending Brands & Categories to Promote

Increase your chances of an affiliate conversion by promoting trending brands found on the Involve Consumer Insights.


The Consumer Insights might give you some ideas on what content to make as it can tell you which brands are trending & converting online.

Here’s how to navigate to the Consumer Insights from your Involve dashboard:

Top Menu > Reports > Consumer Insights

Let’s assume this is what you see on your Consumer Insights. Here is what we can conclude with the current trends:

It looks like travel-related brands are doing well at the point of this screenshot.

Perhaps due to the opening of the international border since the COVID lockdown, people are actively traveling. 

From this trend data, it would make sense to create content around traveling, where you can promote the mentioned top-trending brands:

  1. Create travel guides
  2. Create flight reviews
  3. Create hotel reviews
  4. Food reviews of your last vacation

This is an excellent example where current events & data can help you to create content that converts.

Access the Consumer Insights.

The Category Insights is on the same page as the Consumer’s Insights mentioned in the previous lesson.

Here’s how to navigate to it from your dashboard:

Top Menu > Reports > Consumer Insights > Scroll Down to the Category Insights.

In this example, travel deals are currently hot, and creating content around destination, hotel & flight reviews would potentially earn you well. 

Fashion & beauty products are also top converting. Creating makeup & styling reviews would do you well. 

Home & living is also doing well & not surprising since the COVID lockdown forces most people to set up a work-from-home area in their homes. 

Pretty cool, right? This is an example of how you can get ideas from Involve’s Consumer Insights.

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