How Shopee Malaysia Grew Gross Sales 2x with Involve

Influencers, KOLs, coupons, and cashback Partners know what their audiences are interested in and look for particular items that they consider purchasing online. In addition to that, with creativity, they implement promotional content strategies with effective visuals and captions which entice people to click on their links, directing them to Advertisers’ sites.

Let’s have a look at how Shopee Malaysia increased gross sales with Partners at Involve.

Tapping into specific Partner categories

For Shopee Malaysia, Affiliate Marketing is a new media strategy for reaching out to audiences through Influencers and KOLs.

At Involve, we connected Shopee Malaysia with Influencer, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), coupon and cashback Partners via campaigns and activation initiatives to fulfill the following main objectives:

  • Optimise and grow Shopee’s e-commerce sales & brand awareness to Influencers and KOLs in Southeast Asia
  • Increase Partner participation in promoting Shopee Malaysia

Involve only charges clients based on performance so there was no specific budget for various campaigns.

Giving endless possibilities to Partners

These Partners select products available in various categories on Shopee Malaysia based on their audiences’ needs followed by inputting their creativity in talking about these products through different types of content such as product reviews and promotions on social media channels, blogs and websites.


In their content, they added three important elements for their followers so they could enjoy the online shopping experience on Shopee:

  • Campaign mechanics
  • Voucher codes
  • Call-to-action with affiliate links that direct them to the designated landing pages

They know what kind of products to talk about and provide their thoughts and recommendations that lead to more sales and conversions.

Shopee Malaysia is able to align the top-selling products with these Partners’ content strategy.

Read our article on how to align your products with Partners’ promotions.

Onboarding Partners

New Partners were encouraged to sign up for Shopee MY Affiliate Program where they can earn up to 9.1% commission on various product categories by promoting recommended items on their content. Orders made on Shopee were tracked via Web, Mobile and App platforms.


We shared the following assets to let Partners know about ways to enjoy the benefits of Shopee MY Offer:

  • Informative weekly emails
  • Partner FAQ guides
  • Blog articles
  • Introductory videos

We recommended ideal Partners to Shopee Malaysia based on the top-performing categories and Partners’ performances. Taking engagement rates, followers’ demographics, and clicks & conversions as KPIs bring advantages for Shopee Malaysia’s campaigns.

These Partners are given exclusive promo codes by our Partner Account Managers to boost Partners’ reach and engagement with their audience. Partner Account Managers also provide suggestions, strategies and optimisation that will help build Partners’ potential in Affiliate Marketing.

Campaign and Communication Plan

Our Advertiser team worked together with Shopee Malaysia to prepare key information of campaigns beforehand to promote, for these Partners.

  • Campaign mechanics
  • List of brands and SKUs

Having this information on hand allowed Partners enough time to prepare content to be published for these platforms before the launch of campaigns and events.


We aligned special campaigns with Shopee Malaysia which give Partners special commissions including bonus payout, based on cost-per-sale and cashback:

  • Double-digit sales (eg. 10.10, 11.11)
  • PayDay campaigns
  • Specific dates that feature popular categories
  • Cash On Delivery
  • eDuit campaigns
  • AMS campaigns

These Partners will also acquire additional cash bonuses when meeting the target amount of orders and new customers.

By referring to our data, our designated campaigns for target Partners with the highest involvement in promoting Shopee Malaysia by specific categories.

Partners kept themselves updated about Shopee Malaysia’s ongoing and upcoming campaigns through these communication channels


Partner Account Managers inform associated Partners about Shopee Malaysia’s campaigns and provide information and visual assets to be used for their content.

Partners were able to gather information about the campaigns, download banners and generate their affiliate links by directing them to Shopee Malaysia’s Offer page which contributes to improving leads.

Performance Tracking and Optimisation of Partners

We looked into the sales data from our Partners’ performance to assess trending products and consumer insights, from what consumers are interested in buying to popular categories on Shopee to peak periods of sales and conversions.

Our integration helps Shopee optimise their campaigns by assessing consumer behaviour and traffic that contribute to conversions by referring to the following reports:

  • Performance report – View top-converting Partners in various categories
  • Conversion report – View top-converting product categories among Partners

Shopee Malaysia and Partners were able to promote top-selling products that meet their consumers’ interests.

Increased 2X Shopee’s E-commerce Sales

Optimising and identifying ideal Partners from our base of 120,000 Partners brought a significant increase in Shopee Malaysia’s sales volumes by 2x from ideal Partners at Involve while maintaining a 53x ROI (Return of Investment).


The number of clicks from Partners promoting top-selling products from Shopee increased by 1.6x while the number of conversions made increased by 1.4x.


Partners’ consideration in creating content to maximise their traffic and conversions by referring to performance data and generating their Affiliate links.

The number of Partners with Sales Conversions increased by 7.3x due to Partners’ initiative in promoting various brands and products creatively on their platforms.

The benefits of being part of the Shopee Malaysia Affiliate Program increased by more than 2.5x for Partners’ earnings.

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